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[Letter from W. J. and Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore and Claude and Linnet White, November 27, 1905]

Description: Letter to Aunt Mollie and Claude and Linnet White. W. J. wants to explain why Uncle Tobe was not brought along. He doesn't like to leave. Bessie is the only one that can get him to leave for short amounts of time. He wants to tell Uncle Tobe first before his aunt. He wishes them the best wishes. The second letter Birdie wants to inform her Aunt Mollie on Uncle Tobe's condition. He is so worried about his money. He won't eat or drink and has become bedridden. Aunt Bettie wants to send him to the old soldier's home, but they are afraid it will cost them. Uncle Abe is doing better. Bessie wanted Mary's father to come stay with them. Mary's husband William Anthony doesn't want Mary to help with her father. She has been busy sewing for the last three weeks. She asks that Linnet write her, and is sorry for the bad news, but wants her Aunt Mollie to stay informed.
Date: November 27, 1905
Creator: McKinley, W. J. & McGee, Birdie
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[Letter to Laura Wallace, June 6, 1905]

Description: Letter He was glad to receive her letter, but wished it was longer. He hasn't talked to her father, but he will come visit and they can do it together. He doesn't have any news from McKinney.
Date: June 6, 1905
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[Letter to Mrs. Linnet White, June 1905]

Description: Letter to Mrs. Claude White. The author is sorry that Lillian did not come. The author was going to go visit her yesterday, but couldn't find a horse. The author wants Mrs. White to write her Aunt and convince her to let the author go visit Mrs. White's house. The author would like her to invite Lillian again and explain what is happening.
Date: June 1905
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[Letter from G. W. Duncan to Mary Moore, May 22, 1905]

Description: Letter from G. W. Duncan to Mary Moore. He doesn't have news, but he says that he hasn't done any farm work because of the rain. He says that he has some of the payment, if they want it. He would like to renew the rate for another year. He doesn't think he will make a profit with cotton and has used his money for another purpose. He wants to pay the money if they want it by the due date. He asks that they respond soon.
Date: May 22, 1905
Creator: Duncan, G. W.
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