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[Postcard image of four cowboys on horseback watching over a herd of cattle]

Description: Postcard image of four cowboys on horseback watching over a herd of cattle. Blank (black) strip across top and bottom of postcard front. Black spots on left and top. Back of postcard has black print standard postcard information: "Post Card This Side For The Address Place Postage CSKO (?) Stamp Here".
Date: 1940 - 1950
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Palestine - Jacksonville Highway]

Description: Postcard of the highway going from Jacksonville to Palestine. This highway is now U.S. 79
Date: 1940~
Creator: George A. McDonald
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

[Downtown and Port of Beaumont]

Description: Postcard of the Port of Beaumont on the Neches River with downtown Beaumont in the background. In the foreground, written in the grass, is "Port of Beaumont." At least five ships and a tugboat are visible at the port. The Kansas City Southern Lift Bridge is visible on the right side of the photograph and in the background downtown Beaumont buildings can be seen including the Jefferson County Courthouse. On the back of the postcard is printed the following: "The City of Beaumont is one of the Nation's most fascinating. It offers a wonderful climate and the warmest of Texas hospitality, blended with the salt tang of a major sea port and the brisk air of a mushrooming metropolis." The following companies are credited on the back of the postcard: "Color by Business Men's Studio" "The Edwards News Co., Beaumont, Texas" and "Plastichrome by Colourplate, Boston, Mass."
Date: [1940..1969]
Creator: The Edwards News Co.
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

[Group of Women in Front of Building]

Description: Postcard of a group of women outside of the Danevang Community Hall. A Red Cross flag has been hanged behind them partially covering a window and fully covering a door. Three more windows are seen on the same face of the building, and a fourth, of similar dimensions, can be seen on the left adjacent wall. Some of the women present are dressed in nursing uniforms, while others are more casually dressed in light-colored gowns. There are also a few children on the front row. Hand-written text on the back of the postcard indicates setting as community hall and donor Lillian Hansen. It has not been addressed to anybody.
Date: 1940/1950
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Hotel Iturbide, Monterrey]

Description: Postcard featuring a photograph of the front of Hotel Iturbide on Calle Zaragoza in Monterrey, Mexico with mountains in the background as well as people and automobiles in the street. It was sent to Rochester, Minnesota with this handwritten text: "Sun. P. M. Dear Matt: arrived here yesterday (Saty.) leaving right now, the weather has been unusually cold. Laredo, on the border, had 2" snow the Mexican kids sure were having fun with it. So long, Mel"
Date: January 24, 1940
Location Info:
Partner: Laredo Public Library

["Tex" McDaniel Riding Steer]

Description: Postcard of "Tex" McDaniel riding his pet steer, Barker, on a range. Printed on the front of the postcard: "Greetings to the world from 'Texas' McDanieland his pet steer Barker. 1300 lbs 8.ox shoes. 267 days Texas to N.Y.C. Age 7 years. 'This is no bull.' Boots presented by V. Scarding 1307 Congress. Houston, Texas. Established 1890. Silver Mounted Saddle presented by A. Stelzig Saddlery. Houston, Texas. Tex McDaniel and his Longhorn Steer, 'Barker.' H. T. Ranch, Barker, Texas. E. H. Marks - Ranch Owner. 36,000 Acres in Pastures."
Date: 1940~/1949~
Partner: Cattle Raisers Museum

[Little Texas and Pacific Sunshine Special]

Description: Photographic postcard of the Little Texas and Pacific Sunshine Special train ride at the Longview Amusement Park in Longview, Texas. There are many men, women and children watching as three men gas the train up. J. B. Shores, Director of Public Relations for the Texas and Pacific Railroads, takes a turn at the locomotive controls. Burke Campbell created the Longview Amusement Park in the 1940's.
Date: 1940~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.
Partner: Longview Public Library