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[Postcard of Manitou]

Description: Postcard of rolling hills in the distance with a sparsely populated valley between and a winding asphalt road. Below the picture, the postcard describes the view as "Manitou from Serpentine Drive, Manitou, Colo." On the back, the postcard adds, "Manitou from Serpentine Drive Situated at the foot of Pikes Peak nearly surrounded by high mountains lies Manitou, where all the springs in the Pikes Peak region are located. This water is bottled and used as table water, also used for bathing purposes. The finest and most modern Bath House in the United States is located in the center of the town. In this building is the famous and original Manitou Soda Spring at which water is served free to the public."
Date: unknown
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Photograph of Group in Colorado Springs]

Description: Photograph of a group of people standing on the steps leading up to an adobe-style cottage in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Back of our cottage, Beasly (or Beverly) Hills, Colorado Springs, Col., 1946."
Date: February 1947
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library

[Photograph of Group Atop Pikes Peak]

Description: Photograph of five individuals to the side of a parked vehicle. The man is wearing a hat and is standing to the far left of the group of women. Note on the back of photograph reads, "Just arrived on top of Pike's Peak Mrs. Lamb seems to be freezing."
Date: 1947
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library

Tourists Atop Pikes Peak

Description: Photograph of eight tourists on their way to the top of Pike's Peak. The group is posing together in an open car. A sign on the running board says, "At Glen Cove on Pikes Peak, Alt. 11,425 Ft., No24, July 23 1929." There are various buildings and pine trees visible in the background.
Date: July 23, 1929
Partner: Tarrant County College NE, Heritage Room

Transcript of Oral History Interview with Thomas Jasper "Jack" Moore, III, June 6, 2011

Description: Interview with Thomas Jasper "Jack" Moore, III, a lumberyard from Kerrville, Texas. Mr. Moore describes lives of three generations of the Moore family who owned a general store in Ingram, Texas, and later lumberyards and/or ranches. He also discusses how ranchers deal with coyotes. The interview transcript includes photos of Mr. Moore and his family, on pages 24-26.
Date: June 6, 2011
Creator: Collins, Francelle Robison; Stephens, Louis; Moore, Thomas Jasper, III & Moore, Peggy Benson
Partner: Kerr County Historical Commission

Oral History Interview with Robert Edward Sieker, August 3, 2000

Description: Interview with Robert Edward Skieker, a pilot from Kerrville, Texas. Mr. Sieker discusses his grandfather's immigration from Germany. In addition to his stories from his extensive flying career, he also talks about his service in the military during World War II, his various occupations throughout the years, and his work against the screwworm infestation.
Date: August 3, 2000
Creator: Bethel, Ann; Snodgrass, Clarabelle & Sieker, Robert Edward
Partner: Kerr County Historical Commission