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[Postcard of a Letterette]

Description: Postcard of three columns describing how the sender is feeling, what is happening with them, and their regards. The descriptions that are checked are "Received no letter, Expect to be in Cure St., Feeling fine, Business is good, Weather is fine, Hot to-day, How is New York, Send me all the news, Hope to hear from you, If you were only here, Am enjoying myself, Don't worry, Remember me to Sister well, With love and kisses, With best regards, Hope you are well, Goodbye for this time, My love to WLL, Signed A. C." The letter on the back is illegible. The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin 65 Beach St. Ave. Charlotte, N. Y."
Date: July 9, 1909
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Postcard of Ice Mountain at Niagara Falls]

Description: Postcard of Niagara Falls frozen over, with a group of people dressed in black clothes standing at the snowy base. "Regards to the Adause Party Barton," is written in the correspondence section. The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFadden Calderwell Beaumont, Tx. U. S. A."
Date: July 19, 1911
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Postcard of the Iroquois Hotel]

Description: Postcard addressed to Mr. James Lewis Caldwell, Jr. in Huntington, West Virginia. The image on the front of the postcard shows the Iroquois Hotel in Buffalo, New York. The handwritten message on the front of the postcard, signed V. M., says, "We are having a fine time. Going to Detroit this P.M. Crossed Lake Ontario yesterday going to Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Nigh and Gordou stopped here, the twenty-ninth."
Date: July 31, 1906
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum