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[Prayer Meeting]

Description: Photograph of women gathered for a religious revival, laying hands on people laying on the ground. Two other people stand and watch and a third person sits in a chair and watches.
Date: October 1954
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Portrait of Children]

Description: Portrait of three small children, two girls and one boy. The older girl is sitting on a chair while the boy stands next to her with his hand on her shoulder, and the younger girl is sitting on the floor in front of them.
Date: unknown
Creator: Staley Bros.
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

[Birthday Greeting Card]

Description: Birthday greeting card with a red ribbon running through it. The card has a picture of an older woman surrounded with a wreath of flowers, and includes text: "Greetings from 'Mama Sue' on her ninetieth birthday, December 25, 1948."
Date: December 1948
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

[Postcard from Medibel Bartley to Kate Thomas]

Description: Postcard from Medibel Bartley to Kate Thomas. It reads: "Dear Kate. Got to Austin all right. Edward got in about six o'clock Sun. morn over the I. & G. N. He came into our train before we got up. Surely was glad to see him. Then in a few minutes here came Mr. & Mrs. Smith. We all had breakfast together. We are staying at the same place we stayed before. Mr. & Mrs. Smith are paying $22.00 just for room. We just have to pay $10.00. Did I leave my mirror? I just can't get along without it. I hate for you to have to send it but I surely need it. Will write more when I get some ink and stationery. Lots of love, Meddie."
Date: unknown
Creator: Bartley, Medibel
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

[Portrait of Group of Men]

Description: Portrait of six men, with three sitting in chairs and the rest standing behind them in front of a painted backdrop. On the back side of the photo is an illustration and advertisement for the photography studio that says, "Instantaneous portraits of children, a successful specialty. Paul H. Naschke, Art Studio, 420 22nd Street Galveston, Texas. Duplicates can be had at any time."
Date: unknown
Creator: Naschke, Paul H.
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum