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[Miss Euhlia Gomez]

Description: Photograph of Miss Euhlia Gomez (as identified in pencil on back) of Alice, Texas, a classmate of Helen Patterson Rosenbush of the Foster Family. Photograph of a young lady with dark hair wearing a dark skirt with dark, satin blouse, and jacket with white trim on lapels and ruffles at wrist of sleeves. She is wearing a dark hat with S W U printed on the ribbon around the crown of the hat. Gomez is sitting in a chair with a floral print fabric draped across chair arm. Gomez has her right arm resting on fabric draped arm of chair. She is holding a parasol (closed with point down on floor) in her left hand. Photograph is mounted in a pale gray textured matte. Matte has white outer border (thin). Written in gold at bottom of matte: Wilcox, Georgetown, Texas. Photograph is torn or peeled away on right side, extending to top and bottom center. Penciled on bottom of photo: Euhlia and on bottom of matte ???. Image dimensions: 8 cm X 10.5 cm.
Date: 1891
Partner: Fort Bend Museum