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[Mrs. John Rich (Mary Davis), and Mrs. Glenn D. Birdwell.]

Description: Photograph of Mrs. John Rich (Mary Davis), and Mrs. Glenn D. Birdwell (Lucile Rich) riding in a buggy pulled by a dark horse with one white leg. In background is the Rich home, a two-story white, wooden house with porch in front and balcony on second floor has railing. Picket fence in front of house. Photo is mounted on a gray cardboard mat. Mat is worn around the edges with a small broken area in bottom, left corner. Photo has dark stains scattered across it. More information in blue ink on back of photo.
Date: 1909
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

The Rich home in Mississippi.

Description: Photograph mounted on cardboard (cardboard has scalloped edges). Photograph of the Rich home in Mississippi. Three men are standing in front of the white picket fence. Several other men are standing on the front steps and porch of house. Four women are on the porch with the men. On child is standing (man standing behind child) on the porch rail to left of photo. Back of photo reads: Jon. W. Morrow's Photographic Bazar? And Millinery, Grove Hill, Ala. All work Guaranteed First Class. Also has Design at top and bottom, vining around drawn sign to right and left.
Date: unknown
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Portrait of an older woman wearing a dark dress with a large lace collar inset]

Description: Photographic portrait of a woman, from waist. Woman is wearing a dark dress with a large lace collar inset and a dark brooch at the neck. Image is faded and yellowed. Image is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate. Back is printed in black, "Miss Fannie Holt, Artist, Crystal Springs, Miss."
Date: 1890
Partner: Fort Bend Museum