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[Collingsworth County Clerk's Office]

Description: Photograph of two women seated at a large desk, inside the Collingsworth County Clerk's Office. The women are identified as Marguerite Bartlett, County Clerk, and Opal Estes, Deputy Clerk.
Date: September 25, 1929
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum

[City Shoe Shop]

Description: Photograph of the City Shoe Shop in Wellington, Texas. The caption in the bottom-left corner states that the shop was on the Frank Hajek Property. There are two men wearing bow ties that are standing behind the counter and looking towards the camera, and another man wearing overalls standing in the shop. There are various types of machines and work stations behind the counter.
Date: September 25, 1929
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum

[Carpe Cubana's Flooded Show Camp]

Description: Photograph of Carpe Cubana's circus camp in La Feria, Texas. The camp had been flooded, and members of the circus stand together in knee-high water. Some members of the circus carry household goods such as pots, bags of food, and fold-up chairs. Several men sit in the water, and one man even balances a teacup on his head. Plain tents are visible behind the circus members. A hand-written inscription written in white reads "CUBAN SHOW CAMP," and "LA FERIA TEX. 5/29/29."
Date: May 29, 1929
Partner: Witte Museum