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Photograph of a young Abner Rayburn

Description: Photograph of Abner Rayburn. The black and white photograph is of a young Abner Rayburn, possibly at age nine or ten (around 1900). He wears a dark, double breasted coat with a white collared shirt. The studio portrait shows Abner from the waist up. Abner was born in 1891, the youngest of Sam Rayburn's siblings and the only sibling born in Texas (the Rayburn family moved from Tennessee to Texas in 1887). He died in 1914 of typhoid fever.
Date: 1891/1914
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

[Portrait of couple]

Description: Photograph of a couple identified as Will O. Richards and his wife, Emma Cocke Richards. The image is an oval shape on a rectangular mat. The man is wearing a black suit and a tie, and the woman is wearing a white top, and they are posing in front of a backdrop with a tree on it.
Date: 1896
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum

[Beach home]

Description: Photograph of the Beach home, owned by Ben Beach. There are multiple men wearing suits and tending to horses, some of which are attached to carriages. There is a boy sitting in a tree on the left side of the photograph. The caption states that the house was later known as Pedigo Place.
Date: 1898
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum

[Mrs. S. C. Somerville's Class]

Description: Photograph of Mrs. S. C. Somerville's class. The students are posing outdoors in front of a white building, and are lined up in three rows. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies the names of the students.
Date: 1899/1903
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum