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[Pastor Erik K. Moller and Wife Margaret Duus]

Description: Photograph of an elderly couple standing in front of a red curtain. The man on the right, identified as Pastor Eric Moller, wears horn-rimmed glasses and a black two-piece suit with a flower attached to the right lapel. His wife, on the right, has been identified as Margaret Duus Moller. She wears a green dress and horn-rimmed glasses as well. A pink flower and ribbon decorates the top right part of her dress. The photograph has been pasted on a typed piece of paper that lists biographical information about the pastor. This information is listed on both the front and back of the paper.
Date: 1959/1968
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Clyde H. Martin

Description: Photograph of Clyde H. Martin wearing cowboy regalia and posing with a saddle embossed with the words "All Around Cowboy 1959" and "Texas A.M. Rodeo Intercollegiate."
Date: 1959
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Photograph of Joe Kaiser Playing Baseball]

Description: Copy print of a photograph of Joe Kaiser playing baseball. He is wearing a baseball uniform and cap with the letters FW on it, and he is in the middle of pitching. There is another player standing in the background to the right. Joe's name and the year, ca. 1959, are written on the back.
Date: 1959~
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society