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[Portrait of Minnie Alice Nichols]

Description: Portrait of young Minnie Alice Nichols in a light-colored dress. Appears to be about four years of age. Text on the back says: "...born May 21, 1879 Coryell Co. died Jan. 28, 1970 McLennan Co."
Date: October 1883
Creator: Academy of Art
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Law License Belonging to Thomas Middlebrook Willis]

Description: Photograph of a law license belonging to Thomas Middlebrook Willis. It reads: "Law School of Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee. To All to Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting: Know Ye, That we, the Professors of the Law School of Cumberland University, having examined Thos. M. Willis, touching his knowledge of the Law, and being satisfied with his attainments; and further, having before us the proofs required by Statue, that he is a man of good moral character and twenty-one years of age; Now, therefore, we, by the authority in us vested, do grant the said Thos. M. Willis, License to Practise Law in all the Courts of the State of Tennessee. Given under our hands, and the Soul of the University, at Lebanon, this 18th day of January 1883." Thomas Middlebrook Willis returned to Texas and opened his practice of law in Abilene, TX.
Date: January 18, 1883
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Portrait of Phoebe Winchester Hensley]

Description: Portrait of Phoebe Winchester Hensley (1863-1940), a woman with dark hair wearing a white dress with a dark collar.
Date: August 1883
Creator: McClellan, W.
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis