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[Postcard of Colorado State Flower]

Description: Postcard of a pair of flowers with five violet petals around five white petals. The letter begins with the date and place, "Boulder, Col. July 6 1906." It continues with, "Dear Mamie I guess you think I am dead for not writing but I was so busy the week before I left that I did not have time to write + we are so busy here going all the time that I don't think I will be able to write to you this summer. It is very cold here. We are going to climb the mountain this afternoon. You must write to me while I am here. Jassie Polk Address Chautauqua Grounds Boulder, Col." The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin 1141 3rd Ave. Huntington, W. Va."
Date: July 8, 1906
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[T&P Christmas Card]

Description: T&P Christmas card and magazine clipping with an illustration of T&P train #614 and a cowboy to the left of the train and a large plume of smoke rising from the engine. On the clipping is printed "5008 West of the Pecos - Texas & Pacific 'Between El Paso and Pecos, this handsome Texas Type locomotive rumbles through the quiet of the prairie evening, etc.' 'May Peace be your Gift at Christmas and your Treasure through all the Year.'" On the back of the card the same Christmas quote is printed, and written in the bottom left of the mounting board is "Leanin' Tree Boulder, Colo."
Date: unknown
Partner: The Grace Museum

[Postcard from Mabel to Mrs. M. E. Wise, November 28, 1949]

Description: Postcard from Mabel to Mrs. M. E. Wise, thanking her for her letter, sending her apologies that Mrs. Wise's father is unwell, and promising to explain why she will be unable to visit Boulder, Colorado until February. The front of the postcard features a photograph of two women standing on a large rock inside a dark cavern. Both women are wearing trousers and t-shirts, and the woman on the right has her hair pulled back into small draped turban. They are illuminated by a light from somewhere on the ground, which also reveals the large rock formations on the cave wall behind them. At their feet is a sign that reads, "Visit Cascade Caverns." The name of the cave, "Tobacco Room," is printed at the top of the postcard.
Date: November 28, 1949
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library