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[Postcard of Central Fire Station, Houston, Texas]

Description: Postcard of Houston's Central Fire Station, a two-story brick building with several garage exits along the first floor. Horse-drawn fire engines are seen exiting the garages, and each garage is labeled. Three visible labels are, "Chief", "Hose", and "Steamer."
Date: 1907
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard with a View of Main Street, Houston, Texas]

Description: Postcard showing a view overlooking Main Street in Houston, Texas; the photograph is illustrated in color and shows trolley cars moving down the street as well as people walking up and down the sidewalks. There is a note on the reverse side of the card that is addressed to Mamie Collins in Waco, Texas; there is a printed note in the upper right corner that describes the street and the buildings that appear on it.
Date: August 11, 1907
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch