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[Postcard of the Flying Squadron at Springfield, Mass.]

Description: Postcard of the Springfield Fire Department in four automobiles at a fire station. The station's garage doors (from left to right) are labeled, "Chemical B." and "Hose Co. No. 7." On the back of the postcard, a handwritten message from the sender says, "I am sending you a card I owned at Springfield, Mass. [...]"
Date: June 18, 1909
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard from Milton Andrew Matlock to his Mother, June 12, 1912]

Description: Postcard from Milton Andrew Matlock to his mother with a tinted photograph the South Wallfleet Marconi wireless towers in Massachusetts; this includes four large towers and a small building. The note on the back of the card asks his mother why she has not responded to his letters, as well as mentions that he sent her a box of photos of the U. S. S. Utah and crew.
Date: June 20, 1912
Creator: Matlock, Milton Andrew
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.