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["House In Richmond, Texas Across Road From Entrance To Morton Cemetary"]

Description: Postcard image of "HOUSE IN RICHMOND, TEXAS ACROSS ROAD FROM ENTRANCE TO MORTON CEMETARY C. 1895" as noted in handwriting on back of postcard. A fence is in the foreground with two women standing behind the fence in the front yard. A small tree is on the left side of the photo. The house is a one story building with a chimney on the right side.
Date: 1895~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Carry Nation wearing a black dress and holding a book]

Description: Photographic postcard of Carry Nation. Nation is dressed in a dark colored dress with buttons that run along the left side of the it. She has a matching cape over her shoulders. She has a long fabric headpiece covering the back of her graying hair. A white flower or bow is tied at the collar. She has three pins pinned to her cape - one is of a hatchet that is pinned on left side of cape. Nation is holding a book on her right hand and her left thumb is resting on a page.
Date: 1895
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

Four Danevang Homes

Description: Postcard of a composite image of four homes belonging to the Danevang family. They are all two-story structures but vary in architectural details, number of windows, construction materials, and landscape elements. The two on top look to be more suburban in setting, while the two on the bottom appear to be located in a rural environment. There is no addressee on the back of the postcard, but various notes have been written on it. Rough, black patches of paper remain from wherever it was torn out of.
Date: 1895/1995
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society