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Notice to Appear

Description: Postcard sent out by the Local Board of Grundy County in Iowa to notify Ejner L. Wind to appear for a physical examination. The front of the postcard gives information about the date of the examination, and also warns Ejner that failure to appear may result in a loss of rights or immediately induct him to imprisonment or military service. On the back of the postcard, there is postage information.
Date: November 18, 1918
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Panoramic View of a Military Regiment in Maryland]

Description: Postcard of a large group of United States army soldiers at a camp in Maryland, possibly Glen Bernie or Laurel. They are all in their military uniform, gathered in multiple rows. Behind them, a series of tall leafless trees can be seen, as well as a single-story structure in the very center at the top of a hill. There is printed text on the front that reads "47 Battalion 23rd Engineers, Glen Bernie, MD. Feb. 1918." There is a black arrow near the top of the image pointing at an individual, identified as Arnold G. Knock. This information is verified on the back of the postcard, on which Arnold himself, under the "correspondence" heading, wrote: "I am in this picture the arrow point is our my head Did you receive my letter Hoping to hear from you soon This is my address Arnold G. Knock, Laurel Maryland, Truck Co #10 23 Engrs. [sic]" He has addressed the postcard on the left and right to an Emilie Andersen at "El Campo, Texas. D. S. R. #55."
Date: 1918
Creator: Schutz, Frederick A.
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

1914 School Photo

Description: Postcard of the Danevang School class of 1914 in front of a building. There are three visible windows. The students have been separated into boys and girls, with the girls standing in the center and the boys surrounding them on each side and behind them. The girls wear long, light-colored dresses belted at the waist. The boys wear formal attire. The girls have been identified, from left to right, as unknown, Esther Knudsen, Elna Petersen, Andrea Hansen, Emelia Andersen, Gertrude Strarup, and Christine Olsen. Three names have been provided for the boys but it cannot be stated with certainty to whom they apply. Black, rough patches of paper on the back of the postcard remain on each corner from wherever it was torn out of.
Date: 1914
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Christine & Inger Olson

Description: Postcard of two young women in front of a backdrop. The woman on the left stands with her hand placed on a wicker chair. She is wearing a long dress cinched at the waist with a thin belt and a ribbon bow on her hair. The woman next to her on the right is sitting on the wicker chair and holds the left hand of the woman next to her. She wears a similar dress, hairstyle, and ribbon bow. Accompanying information indicates that they Christine and Ingeborg Olsen, but their names have not been matched to their position on the image.
Date: 1915/1930
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Brian Wind's Confirmation Class

Description: Postcard of a group of people standing before a church structure during their confirmation. They are standing in two rows, with the front row composed of women in light-colored dresses. A set of double doors is behind them and two windows on either side. A church pastor appears to be standing on the top left corner, judging by his outfit. Brian Wind has also been named, but he has not been matched to any individual in the postcard.
Date: 1914~
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Carl Thyssen During World War I

Description: Postcard of two men in military uniform standing on a wooden boardwalk in front of what appears to be a barrack. A ladder can be seen inclined on the structure behind the man on the right. Accompanying information indicates one of the men is Carl Thyssen, but has not specified which is which. They both wear lace-up boots, hats, and loose-fitting pants, but the man on the left wears a button-up jacket with multiple button-flap pockets, as oppose to the man on the right, who simply wears a long-sleeve shirt.
Date: 1918~
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society