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Oral History Interview with Eric Suggs, April 2, 2002

Description: Interview with Eric Suggs, an avionics systems expert in the US Air Force. He describes his observations on life in Saudi Arabia.
Date: November 24, 2004
Creator: Gace, Michael & Suggs, Eric
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Lynn Lucas, April 25, 2002

Description: Interview with Lynn Lucas, a sergeant in the US Army during the Persian Gulf War. He answers questions about his military service and his life before the military.
Date: April 25, 2002
Creator: Vargas, Laura & Lucas, Lynn
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Lewis R. Guthrie, July 5, 2002

Description: Interview with Sergeant Major Lewis R. Guthrie, a United States Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and actions in Somalia. Guthrie answers questions and expands on his many experiences during the wars he fought in, where he trained, the supplies and rations they were given, and the combat that he saw.
Date: July 5, 2002
Creator: Miller, Fawn & Guthrie, Lewis R.
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Jeffrey Gill, November 16, 2004

Description: Interview with Jeffrey Gill, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who served as a staff sergeant from 1995-2002 in Korea and Saudi Arabia. Gill describes his time as a hazmat technician, as well as the most and least memorable moments of his military career.
Date: November 16, 2004
Creator: McBride, Angelo & Gill, Jeffrey
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Carl Clay, May 7, 2002

Description: Interview with Carl Clay, a veteran of the U.S. Navy during the Persian Gulf War, who also served in the civil wars in Lebanon, Kosovo, and Somalia. Clay describes his time working in aviation on the flight deck of ships and the many countries he visited while in the service, such as Brazil, Spain, and Cuba.
Date: May 7, 2002
Creator: DeVore, Danielle & Clay, Carl
Partner: Lee College