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Re: Right to Abolish Segregation of Latin-American School Children

Description: Article about the segregation of Hispanic American children in public schools in Texas, and how the efforts of those in the League of United Latin American Citizens helped strike down segregation of Hispanic American school children.
Date: unknown
Creator: Herrera, John J.
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library

Gaceta Extraordinaria del Gobierno Supremo de la Federacion Mexicana

Description: Complete account from the "Gaceta" detailing the journey of Agustín Iturbide from London to Mexico, and his subsequent capture and execution. The document details numerous documents, numbered 1 through 14, some having been copied.
Date: July 26, 1824
Partner: St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library

Suplemento al Centinela

Description: Communication from Anastasio Sierra defending the right of Tamaulipas to be a state. This communication is written on the back of the document in the bottom right corner; this document is printed as a "Suplemento al Centinela."
Date: February 7, 1824
Partner: St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library