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[Allen/Brown Family Photo Album]

Description: Photo album containing portraits of various members of the Brown and Allen families. Most of the photos have names written on the page.
Date: 1880~
Creator: Brown, Mary Jane
Partner: Private Collection of Jane Henry

James E. Birch: His Empire on Wheels, Volume 2. San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line

Description: Narrative history of the San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line with biographical information about James E. Birch including transcriptions of newspaper clippings and documents, with supplementary photos and images. Index starts on page 166.
Date: 1989
Creator: Gallucci, Alfred D. & Gallucci, Mary McClennon
Partner: Castroville Public Library

Family History of Martin and Carolina Echtle

Description: History of the Echtle family including family tree listings for each of the surviving (2nd-generation) children, notes about the Echtle family reunions, and a narrative reflecting on the family's history in the U.S., which celebrated a 100th anniversary in 1982.
Date: July 1982
Creator: Echtle, Paul
Partner: Castroville Public Library

Brief History of the Balzen Family in Texas

Description: History of the Balzen family in Texas including narratives and family charts for the various branches of the family, and anecdotes about family members, with reproductions of the family brand, maps, and other supplementary materials. The text includes a number of handwritten corrections and additions.
Date: July 14, 1982
Creator: Balzen, Richard W. & Balzen, Martha C.
Partner: Castroville Public Library

Joseph Bader, Co-Founder of Castroville, Texas: Family History

Description: Biographical history of Joseph Bader, a co-founder of Castroville, Texas, and his family. It includes a narrative sketch of Bader and generational family trees with notes and supplementary documentation, as well as a brief history of Castroville at the end of the document. Index starts on page 138.
Date: 1963
Creator: Boehme, Gerald
Partner: Castroville Public Library

Pierre Christilles Family History

Description: History of the Christilles family covering seven generations, including generational family trees with biographical notes with portraits for some family members. Indexes to locations and names start after page 135.
Date: 1963
Creator: Boehme, Gerald
Partner: Castroville Public Library

[Sadie Boone and Lou Ella Morgan Travel Photo Album]

Description: Photo Album of Sadie Boone and Lou Ella Morgan of Wichita Falls, filled with photos of family and friends visiting various places, such as YWCA gym class, Exall Lake in Dallas, Dallas High School, and several locations in Galveston, Texas.
Date: 191u
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

Reminiscences of My Youth and Other Catastrophies

Description: A book containing accounts about life for the residents of Kerrville,Texas in the early 20th century, as told from the author's own early life experiences.
Date: 1975
Creator: Doyle, Merrill D.
Partner: Kerr County Historical Commission

[Perry Wedding Album]

Description: Wedding Album of Ella Marie Perry and W. Bruce Perry of Waco, Texas. The book is filled with drawings of the couple and cards and notes received congratulating the marriage.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Scruggs Family Scrapbook]

Description: Photo album of descendants of James Robert Scruggs (1860-1937) and Mary "Molly" Thomas Brown Scruggs (1856-1933) of Baxter, Texas. The album includes photos of a parade at the University of Texas, Austin, The Texas Centennial Exposition, Dallas, and various scenes from the 1930s-1940s.
Date: 1924-01-11/1941~
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

I Remember When

Description: Book describing the author's experiences growing up in and around Kerrville, Texas and witnessing the growth and expansion of the town.
Date: May 18, 2017
Creator: Domingues, Louis
Partner: Kerr County Historical Commission

Schools of Hunt, Texas : A Pictorial History 1880s-1980s

Description: A book on the history of schools in Hunt, Texas, featuring photographs of students, faculty, and teachers, ephemeral items, and the schools themselves through the decades..
Date: November 2013
Creator: Sutton, Jeanne Schumacher
Partner: Kerr County Historical Commission

[Scrapbook from Texas Presbyterian College for Girls]

Description: Scrapbook that includes photographs of student life, signatures from classmates, and inserts from various classes and organizations at Texas Presbyterian College.
Date: 1914~
Creator: Howell, Corrinne
Partner: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

[Royal Air Force Photo Album]

Description: Photo album that includes pictures of Royal Air Force (RAF) camps, airplanes, and people, as well as landscapes and other personal images. Some of the pictures have handwritten captions below them. On the last page of the album, there is an invitation from 'The General Officer Commanding and Staff' to attend 'The First Annual Sports Day of the Royal Airforce'.
Date: 1914
Partner: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Guide to The Dallas Quarterly, Volumes 1-39, 1955-1993

Description: Index to the first 39 volumes of Dallas Genealogical Society publications including listings for Bible and family records; book reviews; burials and cemeteries; censuses; church records; court and probate records; Society information; deeds and land records; diaries, journals & ledgers; directories & lists; excerpts & abstracts; families; history of places; volume indexes; letters; marriage records; memorials and obituaries; military & war records; naturalization records; photographs and illustrations; queries; research & methodology; surname indexes; tax and voters; wills; and miscellaneous articles.
Date: December 1993
Creator: Dallas Genealogical Society
Partner: Dallas Genealogical Society

Fannin County Folks & Facts

Description: Compilation of information and stories about Fannin County, Texas including chapters for the history of the county, home life, vocations, education, transportation, activities, and family histories.
Date: 1977
Creator: Bonham Public Library
Partner: Fannin County Historical Commission

Reflections of Mills County

Description: Book compiled of photos collected from around Mill County, Texas. Notes are written on the inside title page, the first of which reads, "Joy Taylor Happy Anniversary 1943-1993 High School Graduation". The second note reads, "O'Quinn Family p. 133 Zepher p. 123". A section about the collector is printed on the last page.
Date: 1993
Creator: Shaw, Kenneth M. & Hime, Macalee Long
Partner: Jennie Trent Dew Library

Directory: Austin Avenue Methodist Church

Description: Book from a Methodist church in Waco that is a directory of members and businesses, encouraging the congregation to shop within its local community. The date "1910-1914", can be seen written in pencil on the the top right corner of the first page.
Date: 1910~/1914~
Creator: Austin Avenue Methodist Church
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Cross Timbers Girl Scout Council Scrapbook]

Description: Scrapbook documenting the history and activities of the Girl Scouts Cross Timbers Council in north Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Cross Timbers Girl Scout Council
Partner: Girl Scouts Cross Timbers Council