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[Newspaper Clippings Relating to Jett Falls Death]

Description: A collection of five newspaper clippings relating to the death of Jett (Johnny, Jetty) Falls. The leftmost clipping describes his enlistment in the armed forces and his subsequent assignment to the 359th Infantry division, during which he was killed in action. The middle two clippings feature a poem written "In Memorium" for Jett Falls and a "Card of Thanks" written by his parents to those who attended his funeral. The rightmost clippings describe Jett Falls and his funeral in detail. The bottom clipping was removed from "The Globe and Commercial Advertiser" of New York on Tuesday, December 17, 1918 and features a list of the names of Corporals who were recently killed. Jett Falls appears sixth from the top on the list, with a small black "x" drawn to the right of his name.
Date: unknown
Partner: Euless Public Library