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[Newspaper article featuring Sam Myres and three saddles made by him]

Description: Newspaper clipping featuring Sam Myres and three of his saddles made by the S. D. Myres Saddle Company. His article is featured in the El Paso Herald-Post and contains a picture of Myres standing behind the three saddles. The saddles were made to be givent o the boy and girl grand champions and the girl reserve champion of the Southwestern Championship Kids Rodeo.
Date: August 14, 1950
Creator: El Paso Herald-Post
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Article about Sam Myres move to the West to chase business opportunities]

Description: Newspaper clipping that features an article about Sam Myres decision to move his business out of Sweetwater, Texas to El Paso, Texas. This decision was made due to the lessoning of ranchers that could be found in that area of Texas with more innovation coming about to make moving to other places easier and more opportunistic. The article goes on to talk about Myres son, Bill, who took on the business once his father had passed.
Date: August 26, 1986
Creator: Francis, Otis
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum