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Convict Labor vs. Honest Labor.

Description: Circular formatted as a letter to state legislator from Harris County constituents, calling for state-level legislation to quit employing prisoners within Texas.
Date: 1891-07-15~
Creator: Smith, D. C.; Charlton, James; Ashe, S. S.; Hamilton, H.; Campbell, E. A.; Harris, Jonathan et al.
Partner: Lena Armstrong Public Library

Rev. H. D. Knickerbocker Brands C. C. McDonald as an Unmitigated Liar and Unprincipled Scoundrel

Description: Pamphlet written by Reverend H. D. Knickerbocker to refute statements made by C. C. McDonald regarding Knickerbocker's position in favor of Prohibition and an incident with the Huaco Club in Waco. The pamphlet includes the printed text of three documents meant to provide supporting evidence and ends with a list of specific ways that Knickerbocker claims McDonald has lied.
Date: November 1915
Creator: Knickerbocker, Hubert D.
Partner: Lena Armstrong Public Library

[Campaign Announcement for James E. Ferguson]

Description: Pamphlet announcing James E. Ferguson's plan to run for a U.S. Senate seat in 1922, including a list of his platform issues regarding taxes, abolishing certain agencies, unions, Prohibition, and a number of other topics.
Date: 1922~
Partner: Lena Armstrong Public Library