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[Handwritten Notes on Pieces of Classical Music]

Description: One page of handwritten notes related to various pieces of classical music. Underneath a title about "theme and variation," the notes say "I. Beethoven; Eroica Sym, 4th move, 2 part - form - both repeats not identical - melodic, harmonic, classic school; mode same; new theme, juxtaposition of melody, rhythm is varied in the counter melody - heavier instrumentation with outstanding color in woodwinds. II. Haydn - ___ Sym - 2nd move - 2 part form with repetition of both parts - harmonic style, classic school, 4) mode same, theme same with counter melody; rhythm basically the same, instrumentation same in color, heavier." On the back is "Harmonious Blacksmith, _____, 2nd surprise, 2nd Beet 7th, 4th Eroica, 2nd Sohera -, (crossed out) Bolero -, Show how music has style & style is determined by elem, Theme & Variation form, design - use of the elements - Both help to distinguish, origin of theme & variation, Thompson Dictionary."
Date: unknown
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum