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[14th Annual Calvacade of Commerce]

Description: Photograph of the convention floor taken from above at a business and trade exposition. Several booths can be seen in both the center of the room and around the perimeter, and dozens of people can be seen wandering the floor to observe the various displays. A stage can be seen in the background with another booth positioned at its center. Above it hangs a sign with the convention's name.
Date: [1961-03-03..1961-03-05]
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.
Location Info:
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[1914 & Other Poems]

Description: Photographs of "1914 & Other Poems" by Rupert Brooke, held by UNT Special Collections. The first image, is of the inside of the book with a faint illustration of a man's profile, the second image the see-through brown piece of paper is turned over to cover the illustration but to reveal the title of the book. Although Rupert Brooke (1887-1915) died before ever seeing battle, he was renowned for his war sonnets. W.B. Yeats noted that Brooke was “handsomest young man of England,” a fact that may account for some of his fame. Educated at Cambridge, he became a thespian, scholar, and soldier. Brooke, commissioned in the Royal Navy, never got to see battle. He died in 1915 at sea from sepsis. An eerie photograph portrait of the author’s profile, dated 1913, appears opposite the title page in this edition. Following the title page with publisher information and the typical copyright statement, we encounter a brief biographical note listing Brooke’s education and war time experience. His five war sonnets, titled “1914,” became notable for their romantic and patriotic view of the war. As a young man, Brooke wrote poems and published in anthologies and periodicals; his first volume of poetry, simply titled Poems, appeared in 1911 and (according to a note printed in this edition of 1914 and Other Poems) was reprinted in 1913 and twice in 1915. The contents of this volume are separated into sections beginning with the war sonnets titled “1914” followed by “The South Seas” and finally “Other Poems.” The last page of the book lists where the book was printed and contains a small slip that is taped to the back page, which was to be affixed to the spine of the book. An original slip is glued on the spine with the title of ...
Date: November 3, 2016
Creator: Sylve, Joshua
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[2006 Newspaper Circulation]

Description: Texas Daily Newspaper Association's 2006 Excel spreadsheets on the Texas Daily Newspapers. The left coloum of the excel sheet names off the employees who currently work at a Texas newspaper company and who are either current TDNA board members, previous board members, members of the organization, and if their name is highlighted in green not a TDNA member. In the center column lists the Texas Daily Newspapers categorized by the number of subscribers the paper has and the left column names the individual who owns the company.
Date: December 3, 2001
Creator: Texas Daily Newspaper Association
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[2007 Election Timetable for 2008 Board of Directors]

Description: The 2007 election timetable for the Texas Daily Newspaper Association 2008 Board of Directors starting in October 15, 2007 and going until November 27, 2007. The first item on the agenda are letters to the TDNA president outlining the nomination process, with the news release announcing the new board members of 2008.
Date: October 3, 2007
Creator: Texas Daily Newspaper Association
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[21st Annual Hellcat Reunion]

Description: Photograph of men and women at the 21st Annual Hellcat Reunion (part of the 12th Armored Division). This reunion took place at the Statler Hilton Hotel in Detroit, Michigan from August 3-5, 1967.
Date: [1967-08-03..1967-08-05]
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum