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[Newspaper clippings about Dr. May Owen's speaking engagements]

Description: Five newspaper clippings of articles about Dr. May Owen's engagements at the Glenview Hospital dedication, the dedication of the Gulf Coast Medical Center, a Brady High School banquet, a dinner honoring Dr. G. V. Brinley, Sr., and dinner at the Bell County Medical Society.
Date: {1960-12-06, 1960-12-11, 1961-01-05, 1961-02-22, 1961-05-08}
Creator: Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Dr. John J. Pendergrass Obituary]

Description: Clipping from Dr. John J. Pendergrass' obituary, who passed on January 17, 1948. The text gives a biographical account of the doctor's education, family background, and retirement to Wharton county. It continues on the second page with anecdotes of his charity work. It ends with a small list of his surviving family, including his wife, two children, a sister, a brother, and five grandchildren.
Date: 1948
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Danish Culture Newspaper Article]

Description: Newspaper article titled "Danish culture cherished" discussing the grand opening of the new Danish Cultural Center in in 2001 in Danevang, Texas, known as "The Danish Capitol of Texas." The names of the people in the middle and bottom photographs are listed. The article appeared in the El Campo Leader in June 6, 2001.
Date: June 6, 2001
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Pastor Frost

Description: Copy of a newspaper article about Pastor Arthur E. Frost titled "Danish Lutheran to Install New Minister Sunday." The article states that Pastor Frost will be installed at St. Ansgar Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church on Palm Sunday, and it gives some background on his career. The pastor has a wife, Emma, and two children, Evelyn and Herluf. The article about Pastor Frost is in English, but there is another article on the page that is in Danish. The article is glued to a black sheet of paper.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Danish Newspaper Article]

Description: Danish newspaper article written about Andrew Jensen's visit to Svendborg, Denmark. According to accompanying information, Jensen has lived in Texas for forty-seven years, and he explains his thoughts on that period in the article. There is a photograph of Jensen with the article.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

W. H. Petersen Obituary

Description: Obituary for W. H. "Speedy" Petersen of Danevang, Texas. He was born on February 17, 1913 in Illinois and died on October 4, 1997 at the age of eighty-four. Petersen was a World War II veteran and the retired owner of the Petersen Electric Company in Fort Worth. He and his wife, Nancy, were married for fifty-seven years.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Danevang School 1908 Newspaper

Description: Newspaper photograph of the children and teachers of the Danevang School in 1908. There are two teachers, Cheatham Evans and Anna Laura McDonald and eighty four children in the photograph. Names are listed by row in the information below the photograph. According to accompanying information, this appeared in and El Camp newspaper.
Date: 1908
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marius Hansen Anniversary Newspaper Photograph, March 20, 1973]

Description: Newspaper photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marius Hansen, Sr. celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on March 20, 1973. Mr. Hansen is wearing a dark suit and boutonniere, seated to the right of a table; Mrs. Hansen is wearing a light-colored dress with a corsage and is standing behind him to the left. There is a decorated, cone-shaped cake on the table topped with a heart containing the numeral "50." The caption below the photograph says "Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marius Hansen, Sr., are admiring their 'Kranse-Kage', Danish Wedding Cake, at their recent Golden Wedding Anniversary. The 'Kranse-Kage', used in the observance of anniversaries among the Danish people, is tiered, and when the top tier is removed, a bottle of wine is discovered inside for the happy couple."
Date: March 20, 1973
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Carmichael Family]

Description: Newspaper photo of Pastor Kenneth Carmichael, pastor of the Danevang Lutheran Church, his wife Dorothy, and children Scott and Suzanne. According to accompanying information, Dorothy was the church organist while her husband was pastor there, from 1968-1972.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Wharton County Lulac to award scholarships

Description: Newspaper clipping from unknown publication, with handwritten notation of 1950. This article concerns the Wharton County LULAC council scholarships for Wharton County Junior College. It covers the application details for four scholarships to be awarded for the semester beginning in February of 1950.
Date: 1950
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library