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[Letter to J.T. Rogers concerning the James River Squadron Confederate Navy]

Description: Letter from Atlanta, GA May 27 (18)92 States that J.T. Rogers was steward or paymaster's clerk on the Gunboat Roanoke of the James River Squadron Confederate Navy from July 1864 up to the time of the evacuation of Richmond and that in that capacity he was efficient in the discharge of his duties and in every way entitled to, and worthy of confidence. Signed by Samual M. Tucker
Date: May 27, 1892
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[West end of Rosenberg]

Description: Photographic postcard West end of Rosenberg, showing curve in road. Railroad overpass in background. Postcard mailed from Norveil Phillippi to his mother, Hattie Phillippi in Indianapolis, IN, May 9, 1932.
Date: May 9, 1932
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

["Main St. looking north. Greetings from Rosenberg Tex."]

Description: Obverse: Photograph of Main St. looking north. Greetings from Rosenberg Tex. Bell's Racket Store., Ella May 14, 1907 written in pencil, Early 1900's, 1907 written in red ink; reverse: POST CARD, M. Black Box 372, San Antonio,Texas, Charles E. Myers in ink. Businesses seen on both sides of the street. Water tower seen at end of street. Two men in white shirts with dark pants are standing (facing each other) in the middle of the street. Horses and buggies parked on left and right sides of street.… more
Date: May 14, 1907
Partner: Fort Bend Museum
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