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[Aerial Photograph of Tents at Camp Hulen]

Description: Aerial photograph looking at the rows of tents at Camp Hulen. According to the text on the back of the photo, the commanding general's headquarters and staff officers' tents are located in the center of the frame. The tents in the upper left corner belong to the 141st Infantry Regiment, and at the very top is the 142nd Infantry Regiment.
Date: August 6, 1936
Partner: Palacios Area Historical Association

[Copy of an Aerial Photograph of Camp Hulen]

Description: Copy of an aerial photograph looking at Camp Hulen near Palacios, Texas. The photo shows the 211 Coast Artillery billets, the motor pool and gun park, as well as Turtle Bay in the top left. The text on the photo provides further details as to the location of each landmark.
Date: 1941-07?
Partner: Palacios Area Historical Association

[Photograph of Burning Ammunition]

Description: Photograph of a small portion of defective ammunition being burned by members of the 36th Division. The flame is isolated and is positioned on a sandy area between pieces of grass. According to the text, this is one of the operations performed in unloading and salvaging defective ammunition.
Date: 194u
Creator: Wilkinson, Stanley L.
Partner: Palacios Area Historical Association