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[Program for 69th Texas Saengerfest, October 8-9, 1960]

Description: Program for the 69th Texas Saengerfest, held by Boerne Gesang Verein, October 8-9, 1960, in Boerne, Texas. Includes a list of the events being held, names of performers, advertisements by sponsors, and articles written in German.
Date: 1960-10~
Creator: Boerne Gesang Verein
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

Historic Images of Boerne and Kendall County, Texas, Revised Edition

Description: A book of images and photographs of significant people and places in Boerne, Texas and the surrounding Kendall County Area. Includes the histories of the people, organizations, places, scenery, and documents relevant to the the town. Also included are interviews with people from Boerne.
Date: 1980/1998
Creator: Perry, Garland
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

Rivers, Ranches, Railroads, & Recreation

Description: Book discussing the history of Kendall County, Texas including the physical geography of the area and the history of the people living there focusing on the geography of the towns, and family structures. Also includes tributes to prominent people, organizations, and businesses in Kendall County. Index starts on page 268.
Date: 1984
Creator: Kendall County Historical Commission
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

The Journey To Boerne, 4th Printing

Description: Booklet of the history of Boerne, Texas, including its founding members' immigration to the area and the development of Kendall County. The inside cover of the booklet has a road map of the area surrounding Boerne, Texas.
Date: 2007
Creator: Edmonds, Bettie
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

Recollections of Boerne and Kendall County

Description: A book of histories, stories, documents, images, letters, and lists relevant to Kendall County's growth and development. The contents focus on the people, geography, and topography of the area. The book also features accounts from eyewitnesses and experts.
Date: 1949/1999
Creator: Gray, Edith A.
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library