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[Photocopy with Information on Frank Krause Building]

Description: Photocopy of information about the Frank Krause Building in Boerne, Texas. Includes a grainy photograph of a two-story building with a porch on the first floor and a balcony on the second floor. Also included is a short paragraph with the history of the building. A photograph of the interior of a long, narrow bar room with high ceilings is attached to the back of the paper.
Date: unknown
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Certificate of Presentation: 1931 Boerne Gesang Verein Flag]

Description: Certificate of presentation of a 1931 Boerne Gesang Verein flag to the city of Boerne, Texas. Includes details of the history of the flag and the German immigrants who made it. The certificate is signed by Betty Thomas and Patrick Heath, president of the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society and mayor of Boerne, respectively.
Date: November 16, 1994
Creator: Thomas, Betty & Heath, Patrick
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

Early Kendall County Cattle Brands

Description: Sheet of paper with samples of early Kendall County Cattle Brand symbols. The paper is attached to another sheet with handwritten notes about the text on the front.
Date: unknown
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Description of Treue Der Union Civil War Monument]

Description: Typewritten description of the Treue der Union monument in Comfort, Texas, for the Kendall County Historical Marker sign. The description includes a brief history behind the monument, and the German Union soldiers who honored their fallen comrades by burying them at the site. The description also provides a translation of the monument's name to "Loyalty to the Union." Three photographs also accompany the typewritten description.
Date: 1968
Creator: Texas Historical Survey Committee
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library