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[Certificate of Presentation: 1931 Boerne Gesang Verein Flag]

Description: Certificate of presentation of a 1931 Boerne Gesang Verein flag to the city of Boerne, Texas. Includes details of the history of the flag and the German immigrants who made it. The certificate is signed by Betty Thomas and Patrick Heath, president of the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society and mayor of Boerne, respectively.
Date: November 16, 1994
Creator: Thomas, Betty & Heath, Patrick
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

The Boerne Village Band, Past and Present

Description: A history of the Boerne Village Band, a local band in Boerne, Texas, founded by Karl Dienger. The paper also explores Dienger's background, documents changes to the band, and provides dates for future performances.
Date: April 1994
Creator: Schelfrahn, Rudolf R.
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Photographs of Boerne Gesang Verein Flag]

Description: Two photographs of a large, dark blue flag with embroidered images and text, indicating that it is a flag for the Boerne Gesang Verein singing club. The flag is hung flat against a large white board, with many, colorful ribbons and prizes hanging on either side of the flag. The board is propped up against a grey wall with wood siding on the bottom half of the wall. In the second photo, a woman wearing a blue blouse and grey skirt is standing to the left of the board. The photographs are attached to a piece of paper, upon which there are handwritten notes.
Date: December 1994
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library