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1930 Wedding

Description: Photograph of a wedding in 1930. The bride and groom are, Cecilia Quintana and Rafael Bejarano. The Best Man is Daniel Quintana and the Maid of Honor is Sixta Quintana. The Flower Girl is Alice Jiminez.
Date: 1930
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[1935 class picture from Casa Piedra]

Description: Class picture of Mrs. Ora Matthews' junior high class in 1935. From left to right: Rita Alvarado, Jesusita Herrera, Josephine Polanco, Conrado Vasquez, Jr., Anita Hernandez, Carmen Vasquez, Cirso Munoz, Catarina Chavez, and Lucilla Polanco. Lucilla Polanco was employed by Casner Motor Company in the 1960s. Josephine Polanco was Mrs. Henry Lujan, Emerald's mother.
Date: 1935
Partner: Marfa Public Library


Description: Photograph of the 1929 Class of “Inesitas” from Marfa, Texas as they made their First Communion moving toward becoming part of Las Hijas de Maria. Inesitas were young girls who prayed to the Virgin Mary de Gualdalupe and wore white dresses with hoods to church. Written on the photo, "Asociacion de 'Inesitas' de Marfa, Tex. Dic. 8 - 1929"
Date: 1929
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Marfa's Private School, 1905]

Description: Photograph of school children in April 1905. They are outside the school building in Marfa, Texas. The teachers, Elena Lopez and her sister Fe Lopez, stand in the doorway. Written on the blackboard in the photo, "Marfa's Private School, April 6, 1905"
Date: April 6, 1905
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Men of the Sacred Heart Organization]

Description: Photograph of the men in the Sacred Heart Organization of Marfa in 1924.Men in the photo have numbers written on them. These identify the following: 1. Tibursio Segura, 2. Florentino Herrera, 3. Mariano Hiner, 4. Victor Dominguez, 5. Aranasio Valenzuela, 6. Willie Urias, 7. Lucas Herrera, 8. Damian Magallanez, 9. Bill Rice, 10. Crespin Vasquez, 11. Lupe Mendias, 12. Esabel Vasquez, 13. Crespin Frias, 14. Monese Hiner, 15. Secundino Martinez, 16. Juan Perea, 17. Jose Moralez, 18. Hijinio Moralez, 19. Rafael Carmona, 20. Chon Segura, 21. Catholic priest, 22. Chalao Garcia
Date: 1924
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Reverend Peter M. Baque

Description: Photograph of Reverend Peter M. Baque, seated and wearing a cassock and holding his hat. Inscription on the photo reads, " In memory of Reverend Peter M. Baque founder of The Missionary Servants of St. Anthony"
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Triesitas and School Picture]

Description: Report describing two photographs, written for an American history class at Marfa High School around 1967. Part one describes a photo of "Triestas" take in 1929. Triestas were young girls who prayed to the Virgin Mary de Gualdalupe. The second part in this report describes a photo of school children from 1905.
Date: 1967~
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Letter from Sister Mary Prendergast, 1978]

Description: Letter written in 1978 by Sister Mary Prendergast of the Incarnate Word Generalate in San Antonio thanking Mrs. Murphy Bennett of Marfa Hight School for sharing papers and photographs with her and asking for duplicates of the photos.
Date: December 5, 1978
Creator: Prendergast, Sister Mary
Partner: Marfa Public Library

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Marfa, Texas

Description: Research paper by Helen Robinson Mitchell about the history of the Catholic Church in Marfa, Texas. It tells of the first priests, the beginning of St. Mary's Church and school, the merger of St. Mary's and Sacred heart Church. It describes the building's history, its architectural details and its expansion.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Marfa Soldiers in World War II

Description: List of names of men who fought in World War II that is posted on a fence outside St. Mary's Catholic Church in Marfa, Texas. It includes names of the men who died and veterans.
Date: 1965
Creator: Cabazuela, Lupe
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Marfa Catholic Church

Description: Research paper about the first Catholic missions, churches and school in the Marfa area of Texas, beginning in 1880. This paper was written by Armando Lujan for the Junior Historical Society in Marfa, Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lujan, Armando
Partner: Marfa Public Library