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[Letter to J. L. Halbert - January 21, 1865]

Description: Letter to J. L. Halbert, dated January 21, 1865, from an unnamed widow. The letter is a reply to Halbert, after he wrote to her about her deceased husband. In the letter she describes her feelings towards her husband and about his death in the war (Civil War). Included with the original letter is a typed transcript.
Date: January 21, 1865
Partner: Pearce Museum at Navarro College

[Letter from L. D. Bradley to Minnie Bradley - January 18, 1874]

Description: Letter from L. D. Bradley to Minnie Bradley, dated January 18, 1874 and sent from Austin, in which he writes to ask her to be careful and take care of herself, and tells about a conflict between Governor Davis and the members of the Legislature as a result of a recount of votes, which ended up in the favor of his opponent.
Date: January 18, 1874
Creator: Bradley, L. D.
Partner: Pearce Museum at Navarro College

[State of Texas Declaration of Secession]

Description: Printed document of the State of Texas' Declaration of Secession from the United States of America. The document contains the reasons for secession laid out by delegates of the people of Texas in Convention, and includes the names of those delegates, with O. M. Roberts, President, at the top of the list.
Date: January 28, 1861
Partner: Pearce Museum at Navarro College