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Biographical Encyclopedia of Texas

Description: Biographical view of Texas and its history including narratives of the individuals who helped shape Texas history and information about important point in history including: the pioneer days of Texas, Texas' transition from a Mexican state to being part of the United States, and the wars in which Texas citizens took part.
Date: 1880
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A Pictorial History of Texas, From the Earliest Visits of European Adventurers, to A.D. 1879.

Description: Illustrated history of Texas, organized into ten sections: [1] General Description of the Country, [2] Texas Under Spanish Domination, 1695--1820, [3] Colonization Under Mexican Domination, 1820--1834, [4] The Revolution, [5] The Republic, From 1837 to 1846, [6] Texas as a State, from 1847 to 1878, [7] Indians, [8] Biographies, [9] History -- Counties, and [10] Miscellaneous Items.
Date: 1879
Creator: Thrall, Homer S., 1819-1894
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Texas as it is today

Description: A book describing life in Texas around the year 1925. The book talks about many cities in Texas as well as interesting facts about Texas. The author wrote the book in an attempt to defeat internal and external stereotypes about Texas.
Date: 1925
Creator: Menn, Alfred E
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An account of Col. Crockett's tour to the North and down East, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four : his object being to examine the grand manufacturing establishments of the country : and also to find out the condition of its literature and morals, the extent of its commerce, and the practical operation of "The Experiment"

Description: "Object being to examine the grand manufacturing establishments of the country; and also to find out the condition of its literature and morals, the extent of its commerce, and the practical operation of 'The Experiment'"
Date: 1835
Creator: Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Life and career of Senator Robert Love Taylor (Our Bob)

Description: Biography of Robert (Bob) Love Taylor, a senator during the 46th Congress, who later served as governor of Tennessee. It includes recollections around the Civil War and other parts of his life including his time in school and his work as a newspaper editor.
Date: 1913
Creator: Taylor, James Patton; Taylor, Alf A. & Taylor, Hugh L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Oklahoma, a history of the state and its people, v. 1

Description: Volume 1 covers the history of Oklahoma from prehistoric times to the 1880's with special emphasis on Native Americans and the use of Oklahoma as the Indian territory. Also includes information on geography and natural features.
Date: 1929
Creator: Thoburn, Joseph B. (Joseph Bradfield), 1866-1941 & Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
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Memorial and Biographical History of Dallas County, Texas.

Description: This book is a biographical view of Dallas, Texas and its history. The book uses many narratives of the individuals who helped shape Dallas history. The book has various content including: biographies of all of the U.S. Presidents; a list of Dallas County pioneers from 1841-1850; an overview of Dallas history; and hundreds of brief biographies, including some illustrations.
Date: 1892
Creator: Lewis Publishing Company
Partner: Dallas Public Library

Inventory of county records, Llano County Courthouse, Llano, Texas

Description: Inventory of records of Llano County housed in the Llano County Courthouse in Llano, Texas. Begins with an introduction and explanation of the roles of various county government offices. Describes the records of the Commissioners Court, County Judge, County Clerk, County Court, County Attorney, District Court, Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Tax Assessor-Collector, and County Treasurer. Also provides a list of Llano County records and an index.
Date: 1979
Creator: Dalrymple, Edwin & Fowler, Ruth
Partner: UNT Libraries

Lectures and best literary productions of Bob Taylor

Description: Lectures and best literary productions of Bob Taylor; beautifully illustrated with views from the scenes of his early life in his beloved "Happy Valley." Introductory. "A memory," by De L. Rice.--"The fiddle and the bow."--The paradise of fools.--"Visions and dreams."--"Love, laughter and song."--"Sentiment."--"The old plantation."--Dixie.--Castles in the air.--Temptation.--Uncle Sam.--Addresses Tennessee centennial.--Notable speeches.--Love letters,
Date: 1912
Creator: Taylor, Robert Love
Partner: UNT Libraries

Diary of a Journey From the Mississippi to the Coasts of the Pacific With a United States Government Expedition: Volume 1

Description: "Mollhausen was the artist and topographer accompanying the party led by Lieutenant Amiel Weeks Whipple in the Pacific Railroad Survey Explorations of the thiry-fifth parallel in 1853"--Wagner-Camp. The party travelled from Fort Smith to Pueblo de los Angeles in 1853-54, making their way through the Panhandle of Texas.
Date: 1858
Creator: Möllhausen, Balduin
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

History of Texas, Together with a Biographical History of Milam, Williamson, Bastrop, Travis, Lee and Burleson Counties.

Description: Book containing a brief overview of the state of Texas and more specific focus on six specific counties, with extensive biographical sketches about persons related to the history of those places. An alphabetical index of persons who are included follows the table of contents at the front of the book.
Date: 1893
Creator: Lewis Publishing Company
Partner: UNT Libraries
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