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[Marfa Improvements]

Description: Mrs. Charlie Henderson and Mrs. Roy H. Godbold are examining the new litter containers placed along Highland Street in downtown Marfa in 1970. Two unknown workers in jumpsuits stand behind the two women, and a sanitation truck is in the background.
Date: 1970
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Marfa Family]

Description: In this photograph, several people are standing on an unpaved road against a wooden fence which encloses a house and yard. In the foreground there are seven people, from left to right: a young boy dresed casually; an older gentleman dressed in a suit and tie holding his hat at his side; a young child dressed in white sitting on a fence post and being held by a woman in a white dress; a second woman, also in a white dress and holding a baby; and another man, also dressed in a suit and tie, wearing a hat and standing in the yard (on the other side of the fence). Behind them, the house is built out of bricks and has a small porch with white pillars, a chair, and some plants in containers. A barrel and some indistinguishable items are visible in the yard and at the back of the house.
Date: 1914
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Businesses in Marfa]

Description: Report by Glenn Garcia for an American History class at marfa High School in January 1974. It is about businesses in Marfa, Texas based on his interviews with Jesusita Brito of Chuy's Place and Robert Martinez of Sandy's Grocery Store.
Date: January 14, 1974
Creator: Garcia, Glenn
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Businesses in Marfa]

Description: Report by Martha Sue Horn for an American History class at marfa High School in January 1974. It is about businesses in Marfa, Texas based on her interviews with business owners and employees at Eddie Pierce Motors, Inc., the Marfa Public Library, the Nu-Way Grocery Store, Colomo's Handy Store and Genevieve's Beauty Shop.
Date: January 10, 1974
Creator: Horn, Martha Sue
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Five Fords in Marfa, Texas

Description: Photograph of five Ford cars in Marfa, Texas. They are parked outside of a serviced and repaired shop next to the Marfa Manufacturing Company. This photo was included in a research paper by David Newton for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1971.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Marfa Lions Club

Description: In this photograph, ther are two older men standing together. The man on the right is wearing a light-colored shirt and slacks and glasses; he is handing a plaque to the man on the left who is wearing a dark-colored suit and tie. The man on the left is also holding an identifiable object in his left hand. The plaque is fairly small and shaped like a shield with a metallic Lions Club seal in the middle and a small metal inscribed plate underneath it. In the background, there are curtains and at least two different flags at the right of the photograph. There also appears to be a chair (only partially visible) in front of the men. On the back of the photograph there is a handwritten note that says, "l. to. r. Jesse Blakwell, Marfa, H. L. Leithead, Marfa." Accompanying information says "This picture was taken on May 6, 1949. Pictured are Mr. Jess Blackwell being presented an honorary award from Mr. H. L. Leithead club chairman."
Date: May 6, 1949
Creator: Keith Studio
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Marfa, Texas 1918]

Description: In the foreground of this photograph, four people in cowboy hats sit in the shade of a tree. Behind them is what appears to be an unpaved main street of Marfa, circa 1918, with storefronts, telephone poles, and cars of the time period.
Date: [c. 1918]
Creator: Arnold's Art Studio
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Photograph of Marfa, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the landscape near Marfa, Texas. In the background, the outskirts of Marfa can be seen, including some buildings and windmills. A river runs close to the buildings, and a bridge and road with several cars on it has been built over the river, continuing out of frame on either side.
Date: unknown
Creator: Duncan, Frank
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Brite Building, Marfa

Description: Photograph of the Brite Building, next to Maiya's Restaurant. A white truck is parked in front of the Brite Building. An American flag hangs above the restaurant.
Date: August 4, 2005
Creator: Belden, Dreanna L.
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Marfa's Private School, 1905]

Description: Photograph of school children in April 1905. They are outside the school building in Marfa, Texas. The teachers, Elena Lopez and her sister Fe Lopez, stand in the doorway. Written on the blackboard in the photo, "Marfa's Private School, April 6, 1905"
Date: April 6, 1905
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Marfa Catholic Church

Description: Research paper about the first Catholic missions, churches and school in the Marfa area of Texas, beginning in 1880. This paper was written by Armando Lujan for the Junior Historical Society in Marfa, Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lujan, Armando
Partner: Marfa Public Library