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[City workers standing in front of the old MKT and Texas & Pacific Depot]

Description: Photograph of workers who have been cleaning out the old power plant station in Denton, Texas and are transferring items to freight cars. Workers stand between two trucks. Cars are parked around the lot. The old MKT and Texas & Pacific Depot is in the background right. The depot was built in 1881 and the office was closed in 1983. The building was torn down in 1999.
Date: 1970~/1989~
Creator: Denton (Tex.)
Partner: Denton Public Library

Denton City School

Description: Exterior view of Denton first public school building, 1884-1904. The picture is captioned "Denton City School Established 1884. 425 Pupils." The text reads: Population of the town, 3,000; population of the county, 35,000. Character of soil, black sandy loam, on red clay subsoil. Timber and water in abundance. Staple products--Corn. wheat. oats, bartley and cotton. Fruits -Apples, pears peaches, apricots, plums and cberries [sic]; grapes and small fruits grow to perfection. Our town is situated on the Missouri Pacific Railway at the junction of the Dallas & Wichita Railway, 35 miles north of Dallas. We have one of the handsomest court-houses in the state, two banks, two newspapers, and business in fairly represented in other lines, for a new town. Photographed by William & Lenox, Denton, Texas. Compliments of Fredrick L. Kittredge
Date: unknown
Creator: Williams and Lenox
Partner: Denton Public Library

52nd Annual Convention State Firemen's Association of Texas

Description: This program contains information about the Denton Fire Department, a biographical sketch about W. J. Austin, descendant of Stephen F. Austin and former president of the State Firemen's Association, a list of officers and members of the Denton Fire Department, and several photographs of firemen and their equipment. The booklet also contains information about the mayor and city officials of Denton in 1928, a photograph of Denton city hall, a photograph of Godwin Hotel, and the schedule of events for the annual convention of the State Firemen's Association of Texas. Some information about other Denton County fire departments is included. The program also contains several advertisements for Texas and Denton County businesses.
Date: 1928-06-12~
Creator: State Firemen's Association of Texas
Partner: Denton Public Library

Denton Business Review and Directory

Description: This Denton business review was published as a guide for the farmers and residents of Denton county outside of the city. The directory includes descriptions of Denton's agricultural resources, commercial advantages, and business institutions.
Date: May 1890
Partner: Denton Public Library

Top of the Golden Triangle: Denton, Texas

Description: Pamphlet describing Denton, Texas located at the top (north) of the "Golden Triangle" area formed with Fort Worth (southwest) and Dallas (southeast). It includes various narrative and statistical facts about the city, including education, shopping, and cultural points of interest, recreational activities, and size.
Date: [1961..1988]
Creator: Denton (Tex.). Chamber of Commerce.
Location Info:
Partner: Denton Public Library

"Diversified Denton" in Texas Parade issue November 1951

Description: This issue of the Texas Parade contains an article entitled "Diversified Denton" and includes information regarding John B. Denton, the city of Denton in general, North Texas State College, and Texas State College for Women. The article describes Denton's schools, agriculture, commerce, and other attractions circa 1951.
Date: November 1951
Creator: Hugh Williamson
Partner: Denton Public Library


Description: The official program for Denton's centennial celebration on April 21-27, 1957 contains information about the events week, a brief history of Denton's foundation and progress, a map of Denton in 1957, and several advertisements for local organizations. Several photographs of early Denton County scenes, various historical markers, early buildings of North Texas State College and Texas State College for Women, and other mentionable landmarks are included.
Date: 1957-04~
Creator: Denton Centennial Commision
Partner: Denton Public Library

Hand-Book of Northern Texas

Description: Overview of the north Texas region encompassing Collin, Denton, Fannin, and Grayson Counties for potential visitors, including information about the landscape and climate, the farming and ranching industries, notable persons and businesses, and other information about the area.
Date: 1886
Creator: C.S. Burch Publishing Company
Partner: Denton Public Library

Host Of Prizes Won By Flour Mill

Description: Two newspaper clippings describe the multitude of prizes won by Alliance Milling Co., now Morrison Milling Co. of Denton, beginning with an award at the 1888 World's Centennial Exposition in Paris. A photograph of the mill in 1946 is included.
Date: unknown
Creator: Edwards, Will
Partner: Denton Public Library