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[Karnes City School Class Photo]

Description: Photograph of a teacher and her class in Karnes City, Texas. There are three rows of students plus the teacher, who is sitting with three younger students at the very front. The first two rows of students are standing on the edge of a porch. Some of their heads are not visible due to cropping of the photograph. There are three boys standing on the ground and leaning against the porch in the third row. The teacher is sitting in a desk with a little girl. There is a music stand with a piece of paper in front of her and two more young girls kneeling on the ground. Next to the group of children there is a white slatted house connected to the porch. It is also elevated from the ground. There is handwriting above the decorative border that surrounds the image. It reads, "B. School of Karnes City- 1 Week"
Date: unknown
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary