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[Portrait of two unknown men]

Description: Photograph of two unknown men standing outside of the Iglesia Presbiteriana in Austin. The two men are standing with their arms around each other. They are both wearing suits, and the man on the left is holding two books. "Jan. 1947 Studer S. A. Tex." is printed on the right side.
Date: January 1947
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

[Hispanic Woman Holding a Baby in Front of a Bush]

Description: Photograph of a Hispanic woman smiling and holding a baby girl. The woman is standing in front of a large bush, which is hiding most of the building behind it. The woman is wearing a long dark dress and coat, and the baby is wearing a white coat and shoes. There is a decorative border around the image, as well as a handwritten note on the back that reads, "One of the officers and a prospective officer. Mrs. Cruz Granados of Victoria".
Date: January 1937
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

[Photograph of Seventeen High School Seniors]

Description: Seventeen high school seniors standing and kneeling in the snow. All are wearing hats and coats, and some of the boys are holding snowballs and engaging in a snowball fight. All of girls wear skirts and dark leggings beneath their coats; and all of the boys wear neckties. Back of the photo is inscribed, "Seniors of '24. January - snow below campus". Numbers have been written on the image to identify each individual. Corresponding numbers and names are inscribed on the back as follows: 1. Alice Braeutigam; 2. Bertha Horlen (?); 3. Julia Knopp; 4. Edgar Kordiz; 5. Anita Winkle; 6. Theo Heyland; 7. Kurt Welgehausen; 8. William Petmecky; 9. Winton Scott; 10. Henry Rheinbach; 11. Harvey Streigler; 12. Enoch St. Clair; 13. Nolan Brown; 14. Eugene Jung; 15. Fred Oehler; 16. Herbert Merz; 17. Wesley Kuenemann. Also on the back of the photo is the processer's stamp which reads as follows: "Welgehausen's Fredericksburg, Tex. Kodak Finishing, Enlarging"
Date: January 1924
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society

[Birth Certificate for Vera Mae Cummings]

Description: Birth certificate for Vera Mae Cummings, born in Palestine, Texas, May 15, 1922 to Gent Cummings and Nellie Bell Price. The back of the page includes instructions for completing information and the text of legislation related to the form. There is also a certificate stapled to the top of the back page certifying that the birth certificate is legitimate.
Date: January 30, 1943
Creator: Texas. Bureau of Vital Statistics.
Partner: Price Johnson Family Collection