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[Exterior of House]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of a house identified as the Vulstukye Home. The yard has a wire fence in front of it, and there are two large trees in bloom. The front of the house has a covered porch on the first level and balcony on the second level with white columns. There is handwriting on back of the photograph that reads, "May 1912."
Date: 1912
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

Threshing Rice on O. R. Johnson's Rice Farm

Description: Photograph of a group of men outdoors threshing rice on a rice farm one mile east of El Campo (this information is repeated on the back of the photograph's mat in hand-written text). The farm belonged to O. R. Johnson. The actual thresher is on the far right of the image, a large machine with several wheels and a conical pipe on its leftmost side. To the left, there are horses, some being ridden, while others appear to be harnessed to various equipment. Several bales of rice surround them on the floor. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph in blue ink reads: "Threshing rice on O. R. Johnson's rice farm 1 mile east of El Campo Tex. H. J. Berndt. Danevang, Texas. Please return to A. E. Berndt Danevang Tex. CIRCA 1912."
Date: 1912~
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Arvid Bloom & Thora Nielsen

Description: Studio photograph of a husband and wife couple posing for picture in their wedding garb. The woman, seated on the right, has been identified as Thora Nielsen. She wears a light-colored (presumably white) dress with stockings, single-strap shoes, and a veil that reaches down to her ankles. Additionally, she also wears pearls and holds a bouquet of flowers near her lap. Her husband, identified as Arvid Bloom, is standing to the right of her. He is wearing a two-piece tuxedo suit with a light-colored shirt and matching bow tie. His hair is combed backwards revealing a receding hairline. The photograph has been placed inside the small triangular inserts of a stiff mat board. On the bottom, a white line of text reads, "Lauritz - Los Angeles"; presumably, the name of the photography studio where the picture was taken.
Date: 1912/1925
Creator: Lauritz
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society