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Isaacson Gin Company

Description: Photograph of the Isaacson Gin Company, a cotton gin in El Campo, Texas, taken from a high angle and from a distance, capturing the entire structure and the surrounding homes that surround it. Several horse-drawn wagons are moving in a procession in an arc formation from the south-facing wall of the gin to the north-facing one. Groups of men can be seen directing them. Others are seen on the ground and on platforms near the cotton bales. The gin itself is a large two-story structure with gable roofs and a large pole extending from the direction of the smaller roofs. All the buildings in the background within the vicinity of the gin seem to be homes. They are built along the street that runs parallel to the gin's east-facing wall. The photograph has been pasted on a stiff mat with a decorative linear embossing that runs the perimeter of the image.
Date: September 16, 1916
Creator: El Campo Studio
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society