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[Photograph of John Connally and Man Gesturing to Large Painting]

Description: Photograph of an older middle-aged man in a light-colored suit with a dark-colored, striped tie and glasses, standing to the left of a large painting in an ornate frame, which he is pointing to with his left hand index finger. The painting depicts an old man, dressed as a sculptor and surrounded by sculptures. Behind him and to the left, John Connally, in a darker suit is sitting on the arm of a leather armchair with the State of Texas insignia in the center of the chair-back. To the right of the chair, a short wooden side-table with a large, light-colored, patterned pottery bowl on the bottom shelf is visible just behind the man in the light-colored suit. The room the two men are in has dark wood-paneled walls, with a small section of white wall in the center back part of the wall, a window in the back right, and medium-colored carpet on the floor.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bill Malone Photography
Partner: University of Texas Permian Basin

John and Nellie Connally

Description: John and Nellie Connally give the University of Texas "Hook 'em Horns" sign at an event on the day of Lyndon Johnson's presidential election.
Date: November 3, 1964
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

Governor John Connally and His Mother

Description: Photograph of Governor John B. Connally standing with his mother Lela Connally on the steps of her home in Floresville, Texas. The house is a one-story home with a wrap-around porch; the front yard is visible in the foreground, including a number of trees.
Date: unknown
Partner: Wilson County Historical Society

[Touring the Festival Grounds]

Description: Color photograph of three people standing near a fountain and a concrete building on a tour of the Texas Folklife Festival grounds. On the left is former Texas governor John B. Connally; standing next to him is his wife Nellie Connally. To her right is Jack Maguire, the director of the Institute of Texan Cultures. A few flags, including the American and the Texan flag, are visible in the background.
Date: [1978-08-03..1978-08-06]
Creator: Informedia
Partner: UT San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

[Photograph of John Connally and Others at Podium]

Description: Photograph, taken at an angle from the left, of three middle-aged men in dark suits standing behind a wood podium, in front of a wall of light-colored curtains. An elderly woman with white hair and a polka-dot scarf around her neck is sitting down in front of the two left-most men, looking back and up at them. The man on the left is laughing, with his tongue between his teeth, while the man in the middle is looking down at the elderly woman. The man on the right, who is wearing glasses, is standing directly behind the podium, which has a microphone on it. The rest of the room, at the right back, is dark and indistinguishable.
Date: unknown
Partner: University of Texas Permian Basin

[Photograph of John Connally and Others at Dinner]

Description: Photograph, taken on a diagonal angle from the left, of a group of middle-aged and older men and women, sitting and eating a meal at a long table, with a wood podium in the middle of the table. The women, two of whom are sitting behind the table to the left of the podium, are wearing dresses - one light-colored and the other dark. A man in a dark suit sits between the two women, while another man in a dark suit stands behind the podium. There is a third man in a dark suit bending over behind the man at the podium, possibly speaking to a woman in a mustard-colored bucket hat sitting on the other side of the podium. There is a floor-to-ceiling, light-colored curtain all along the wall behind the group.
Date: unknown
Partner: University of Texas Permian Basin

[Brochure for Governor John B. Connally's Re-election Campaign]

Description: Campaign literature for Governor John B. Connally's re-election, listing his accomplishments from his previous term and quotes from newspapers about his administration. There are black-and-white photos of Connally with his family as well as him waving from the back of a convertible.
Date: 1966
Creator: Governor John Connally State Campaign Headquarters
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library