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We lost our job at Mineral Wells, Texas

Description: This is a picture that was found in Mr. Weaver's collection, and captioned "We lost our job at Mineral Wells, Texas." This type of advertising was used by most of the drinking pavilions in this popular health resort to tout the beneficial effects of Mineral Wells' waters. There were numerous testimonials attesting the truth of such claims. When the Food and Drug Administration began to enforce the nation's drug laws vigorously in the mid-1930's, however, there were no rigorous scientific test data to document such claims, or to warn of possible side effects that taking the mineral water might cause. Consequently, this sort of advertising was banned after the 1930's.
Date: 1920?/1930?
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

Lost and Found; or Three Months with the Wild Indians: A Brief Sketch of the Life of Ole T. Nystel, Embracing his Experience While in Captivity to the Comanches, and Subsequent Liberation from Them

Description: Autobiography of the life of Ole T. Nystel, detailing his early childhood, and his time spent as a Comanche captive. This book contains photographs of Nystel, and family members as well as a map of Bosque County and the surrounding area. Notes begin on page 25.
Date: 1994
Creator: Nystel, Ole T., 1853-1930.
Partner: Cleng Peerson Research Library at the Bosque Museum

Terminal archaic/late prehistoric cooking technology in the lower Pecos : excavation of the Lost Midden site (41VV1991), Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site, Val Verde County, Texas

Description: This document provides information of the findings found at the excavation of the Lost Midden Site.
Date: August 2011
Creator: Roberts, Timothy E.; Alvarado, Luis A.; Bush, Leslie L. & Hajic, Edwin R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Documents pertaining to the case of Monroe Whitley vs. Texas & New Orleans Railroad Company, cause no. 539, 1902

Description: Documents relating to the case of Monroe Whitley vs. Texas & New Orleans Railroad Company include an account with the value of the cow which Whitley lost due to the negligence of the railroad company, a transfer of cause of actions by Whitley with an attached form for single acknowledgment, what appears to be a release of lien by Adams & Adams to Whitley in return for 2 cows or their value (document is faded and incompletely legible), a bond by Whitley, an Affidavit of Witness' Attendance for H. M. Houston, a citation to summon the T & NORR Co., a transcript of appeal for court costs, and an appeal bond from the T & NORR Co. Documents were submitted to the District Court of Henderson County during the months of January and February in the year 1902 and filed by the Clerk.
Date: 1902
Creator: Blades, J. R.
Partner: Henderson County District Clerk's Office

[Statue of John H. Reagan - Reagan Park]

Description: Statue of John H. Reagan that resides in the Reagan Park in Palestine. This statue, along with the additional statue at the base of the pedestal, were created by Pompeo Coppini. It was originally commissioned in 1906 and was finally dedicated in 1911. The other statue is meant to recognize the "Lost Cause of the Confederacy"
Date: 1970~
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Legends of Texas

Description: Collection of popular Texas legends, including tales about buried treasure, the supernatural, pirates, origins of Texas flowers, and other miscellaneous legends. The index begins on page 271.
Date: 1984
Creator: Dobie, J. Frank (James Frank), 1888-1964
Partner: UNT Press

[Letter from James M. Hunter to Dr. Joseph Pound, December 1899]

Description: Letter from James M. Hunter to Dr. Joseph Pound concerning the doctor's son, and the book that Dr. Pound misplaced: "I am truly sorry that you have lost that most valuable narrative...'Who is Capt Banta'." At the end of the letter Hunter details what eggs are selling for in his town and tells Pound not to move up there if it would cause to much of a sacrifice.
Date: December 1899
Creator: Hunter, James M.
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

Historic plaque - The Paris Fire, 1916

Description: Photograph of a historic plaque in Paris, Texas. It reads: "The Paris Fire. 1916. Although Paris was founded in the mid-1840s, many of its historic structures were lost in a fire that destroyed almost half the town in 1916. The blaze started about five o'clock on the afternoon of March 21, 1916, at the S. J. Long warehouse near the southwest city limits. Its cause is unknown, but one theory is that a spark from a switch engine ignited dry grass near the warehouse. Winds estimated at 50 miles per hour soon blew the fire out of control as it burned a funnel-shaped path to the northeast edge of Paris. Firemen from Bonham, Cooper, Dallas, Honey Grove, and Hugo, Okla., helped the Paris Fire Department battle the flames, which were visible up to 40 miles away. The blaze destroyed most of the central business district and swept through a residential area before it was controlled at about sunrise on March 22. Property damage from this fire was estimated at $11,000,000. The structures burned included the federal building and post office, Lamar County Courthouse and jail, City Hall, most commercial buildings, and several churches. Rebuilding was begun quickly as townspeople collected relief funds and opened their homes to the victims. A railroad and market center before the disaster, Paris soon regained its former prosperity. (1976)"
Date: October 10, 2005
Creator: Belden, Dreanna L.
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Libraries

Axle Box for Locomotives.

Description: Patent for a new and improved axle-box for locomotives. This design "has relation to self-adjusting wedges for axle or driving boxes for locomotives, and has for its objects to produce a wedge that is controlled by a spring, which can be readily and easily adjusted for removing the pounding and lost motion between the axle-box and pedestal" (lines 11-17).
Date: May 21, 1889
Creator: Carlson, Frank August
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Sanding Device for Locomotives.

Description: Patent for a device that keeps sand from being lost during delivery and "whereby the emitting nozzle is kept clear and prevented from clogging up or freezing" (lines 15-17). It is an improvement on sanding devices.
Date: June 26, 1894
Creator: Chase, Floyd T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Facsimile of Junebug Clark The Early Years scrapbook]

Description: From Junebug Clark's introduction: "This scrapbook of the early work of Junebug Clark, was put together by Bernice Clark, my mother, and preserved by my wife, Kay Clark. The original is getting a little bit fragile and delicate so in order for you to take a gander at it, this document was created. I hope that you will have the time to set a spell and go through the pictures and stories within. It is a little bit embarrassing and unbeliveable for me to look at but after undertaking this project I have reconnected with some long lost friends and have come to realize that photography has been a big part of my life and the best part of my life. It was my start and I am forever grateful to the people named on this cover page and included in The Early Years."
Date: [195u..1962]
Creator: Clark, Junebug
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections