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My Land, My Heritage, My Hope

Description: Paper submitted to the Junior Historical Society state writing contest held by the Texas State Historical Society, discussing historical landmarks, landscape, and people of Marfa. This written speech accompanied photographic slides (noted in the text with slide numbers).
Date: 1969
Creator: Edwards, Nancy
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Ruins near Marfa]

Description: Photograph of stone ruins surrounded by desert brush near Marfa, Texas. The image accompanied a written speech, with the caption: "Because of the presence of the U.S. Army, and help provided by the Texas Rangers and Border Patrol, many raids were prevented. Still, ranchers and their families were slaughtered and their stock stolen" (pp. 8-9).
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Those Early Days

Description: Research paper written for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1966 by Saul C. Acosta. The paper is about his grandfather, Rafael Carrasco (1860 - 1954) and his ranch, family and transport business.
Date: 1966
Creator: Acosta, Saul C.
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Espejo in the Big Bend

Description: Research paper written by Florian A. Kolodzie for a History class at Marfa High School on January 19, 1948. The paper is about the Spanish exploreres, especailly Antonio de Espejo, in the Big Bend area of Texas.
Date: 1972
Creator: Kolodzie, Florian A.
Partner: Marfa Public Library

The Dowes of Pinto Canyon

Description: Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about Orin Curtis Dowe and Millie Wilson Dowe of Pinto Canyon, who met while O. C. Dowe was a Texas Ranger attempting to capture smugglers crossing the Mexico-Texas border.
Date: November 21, 1966
Creator: Shurley, Mike
Partner: Marfa Public Library