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[Watt Matthews at Lambshead Ranch]

Description: Photograph of Watt Matthews at Matthews Ranch headquarters (Lambshead). He is wearing a jacket and cowboy hat and is visible from the waist up, leaning against a counter in front of an open barn area.
Date: 1948~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Photo-postcard to Watt Matthews]

Description: Postcard sent to Watt Matthews by photographer Richard Avedon and writer/photographer Laura Wilson. Image on the postcard is of Wilson and Avedon in a hay field. Wilson is lying on top of a bale of hay. To her left, Avedon is jumping with a cowboy hat in his hand. Message on the back reads: "Still on the road. Still grateful." Signed: "Laura and 'Old' Dick."
Date: 1981
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Scrapbook: Watt Matthews Remembered]

Description: Scrapbook documenting the life of rancher Watt Matthews, including newspaper clippings, photographs, invitations, articles, and various other documents. Matthews managed Lambshead Ranch -- established by his parents --for many years and introduced various innovations during his lifetime.
Date: unknown
Partner: The Old Jail Art Center

Watt Reynolds Matthews

Description: Photograph of Watt Reynolds Matthews as a boy, wearing a checked jacket, high collar, and a neck tie. An artist's signature is written underneath his vignetted form. His name is written along the bottom of the page. The left side of the photo is a cover with a venous pattern.
Date: 1910
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Ronald Reagan Shaking Watt Matthews' Hand]

Description: Photograph of President Ronald Regan congratulating Watt Reynolds Matthews at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. The men are facing the camera shaking hands and standing in front of a blue backdrop. Written on the mat below the photo is the inscription: "To Watt Matthews With Best Wishes - Ronald Regan." Photo is labeled on the back: "Cowboy Hall - July 21, 1989 WATT MATTHEWS."
Date: July 21, 1989
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Watt Matthews and John Bennett Sitting at a Table]

Description: Photograph of Watt Matthews and John Bennet sitting at a table laden with Coke bottles and pitchers. Signs sit behind the table advertising percentages off of a jumbo product. The Matthews is holding a Coke brand paper cut. John Bennett holds a crumpled bit of aluminum foil with his left hand and points with his right.
Date: December 25, 1951
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[A Woman and Watt Matthews Standing in Front of Cars]

Description: Photograph of a woman and Watt Matthews posing for a photo in front of two cars. The woman is holding a fur coat and wears a sun hat, sunglasses, and a brown blouse and skirt. Matthews is wearing a hat and a brown two piece suit. He is holding a picnic basket in his left hand and an umbrella in his right. They are standing in a parking lot in front of an obscured man, cars, and a flat roofed building.
Date: February 26, 1954
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Carol Channing between Watt Matthews and Joe B. Matthews]

Description: Photograph of Carol Channing standing between Watt Matthews and Joe B. Matthews in front of a covered wagon. Watt Matthews, left, is shorter and is wearing a hat and loose tie. Channing is wearing a broad brimmed cowboy hat and a gun belt. Joe B. Matthews, right, is wearing a cowboy hat, dark rimmed glasses, a vest, and a bandana around his neck.
Date: 1976
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Richard Avedon, Watt Matthews, Ethel Casey, and Lucile Brittingham]

Description: Photograph of (left to right) photographer Richard Avedon, Watt Reynolds Matthews, Ethel Matthews Casey, and Lucile Matthews Brittingham in front of a brick wall and a window. Ethel Matthews Casey is sitting in a chair while the others stand. To their right is Avedon's 8"x10" Deardorff large format camera on a tripod. Avedon is wearing a hat given to him as a gift by Watt Matthews.
Date: 1979
Creator: Casey, Watt Matthews, Jr.
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch