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Primary view of Soil survey of Polk County, Texas
Smith, Howard Malcolm, 1900-; Reitch, T. C.; Oakes, Harvey; Ragsdale, L. G. & Bean, Arnold H., 1908-
Primary view of The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 84, July 1980 - April, 1981
Texas State Historical Association
Primary view of Soil Survey of Polk and San Jacinto Counties, Texas
McEwen, Harry; Griffith, Kirby & Deshotels, Jesse D.
Primary view of Improvement in Cultivators.
Alexander, J. T. D.
January 15, 1861
Primary view of Improvement in Wheels for Vehicles.
George Nelson
April 13, 1875
Primary view of Beef Tenderer.
Welch, Lee L.
July 17, 1888
Primary view of Motor.
Lovejoy, De Soto
April 30, 1889
Primary view of Design for a Shovel Cleaner or Knife.
Legler, Charles
May 3, 1887
Primary view of Standard for Logging Cars.
Minnock, Edmund Junius
August 2, 1887
Primary view of Button.
Matthews, William H.
March 11, 1884
Primary view of Saddle Mail Bag.
Beazley, William H.
March 29, 1881
Primary view of Wick-Regulator for Lamps.
Harding, Walter L.
November 20, 1894
Primary view of Flue-Cleaner.
Pharr, Walter. & Carter, W. T.
June 28, 1892
Primary view of Mole-Trap
Nelson, George
December 20, 1892
Primary view of Shaving and Sawdust Conveyer.
Ross, William & Beale, J. F.
June 19, 1891
Primary view of Texas Folk Songs
Owens, William A.
Primary view of Singin' Texas
Abernethy, Francis Edward
Primary view of Folk Art in Texas
Abernethy, Francis Edward
Primary view of Texas Attorney General Opinion: O-7442
Texas. Attorney-General's Office.
November 16, 1946
Primary view of Texas Attorney General Opinion: O-7446
Texas. Attorney-General's Office.
October 21, 1946
Primary view of Texas Attorney General Opinion: V-410
Texas. Attorney-General's Office.
October 18, 1947
Primary view of Texas Attorney General Opinion: WW-468
Texas. Attorney-General's Office.
June 30, 1958
Primary view of Texas Attorney General Opinion: C-57
Texas. Attorney-General's Office.
April 10, 1963
Primary view of Primary Care Case Management Primary Care Provider and Hospital List: Southeast Texas, September 2011
Primary Care Case Management
September 2011