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Hallettsville VFD Celebration Committee

Description: Portrait of the Hallettsville Volunteer Fire Department Celebration Committee. The members are sitting or standing around a table, and many of them have something to drink. According to the accompanying article, the seated members are (left to right) H. J. Braunig, John E. Buss, H. J. Heye, Richard Waltersdorf, and Charles Pillar, and the standing members are (left to right) Willie J. Miller, Richard J. Strauss, Otto von Rosenberg, and Mauritz Nau. Written in the center of the photograph is "June 27, 1910 Celebration Com." On the right side is written "Final Report." The article states that "President Pillar appointed committee to see if celebration could be had in June or July at the Park Verein," and that on June 24, 1910 "The firemen met and reported all preparations for the big celebration were perfected and letters were received that large delegations would be here from Yoakum, Shiner, Gonzales, El Campo, Nordheim, Yorktown, Eagle Lake, and other towns."
Date: June 27, 1910
Partner: Friench Simpson Memorial Library