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Primary view of [Newspaper Clippings about Candy Barr]
Dallas Times Herald
Primary view of [Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marius Hansen Anniversary Newspaper Photograph, March 20, 1973]
unknown creator
March 20, 1973
Primary view of Government leaders coming here for Garza reception
Perez, Noe
November 20, 1963
Primary view of Frank Ferree Multado y Sentenciado a 3 dias de Carcel
unknown creator
June 20, 1952
Primary view of ["Twenty-Five Years Ago in Hamilton" Newspaper Clipping, May 20, 1910]
The Hamilton Herald
May 20, 1910
Primary view of [Clipping: "Preacher or statesman?: a toned-down Jerry Falwell ponders what his role should be in a post-Ronald Reagan era", Dallas Times Herald]
Stepp, Laura Sessions
December 20, 1987
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: Appeal by Oswald's widow will be studied by court]
Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
November 20, 1972
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: Panel to seek funding for JFK film analysis]
Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
December 20, 1978
Primary view of [Newspaper Article Entitled "Haslet Improved Group Wins Second Place"]
unknown creator
June 20, 1968
Primary view of [Article from The Brady Herald]
The Brady Herald
September 20, 1988
Primary view of [The New York Times clipping: Justice bashed]
The New York Times
December 20, 1988
Primary view of [Dallas Morning News report: Critics demand Hampton resign]
unknown creator
December 20, 1988
Primary view of [Copy of clippings from Dallas Morning News: 'The perfect plaintiff' hits legal trail for homosexuals and Teacher files suit against homosexual conduct law]
unknown creator
Primary view of [Copy of clipping from Dallas Morning News: Teacher files suit against homosexual conduct law]
unknown creator
November 20, 1979
Primary view of [Newspaper: SORB votes to revoke GLSA]
unknown creator
November 20, 1994
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: 13 Texas women picked for Hall of Fame]
Daily News
August 20, 1986
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: Committee of judges to devise random system for filing cases]
Dallas Times Herald
August 20, 1980
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: Judges to study random case-filing plan]
The Dallas Morning News
August 20, 1980
Primary view of [Clipping: Bond Issue Improvements By City Are on Schedule]
Shell, Bill
June 20, 1965
Primary view of [Clipping Saying the Goodnight Ranch is for Sale]
unknown creator
April 20, 2003
Primary view of [Clipping: City Bus Takeover Studied by Council]
Shell, Bill
October 20, 1964
Primary view of [Clipping: Three Rescued Fliers Thank Vietnamese]
unknown creator
July 20, 1988
Primary view of Big grant Boost arts
Huckabay, Jennifer
April 20, 1996
Primary view of Munitz Leaving Tough Shoes to Fill
Wallace, Amy
July 20, 1997
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