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Map of Texas and part of New Mexico

Description: Map of most of the state of Texas and some of the surrounding areas, including parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. It includes markings for roads, major cities, bodies of water, and and some geographic features, with relief shown by hachures. Prime meridian: Greenwich. Includes list of authorities, coordinates of selected locations, and descriptive notes on various rivers.
Date: 1857
Creator: United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers.
Location: None
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Postcard from the Carry Nation Home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.]

Description: Photographic postcard of the Carry Nation Home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Two images appear on the postcard. On left, an exterior view of the house - a white wooden two story building with front porch and railed balcony. Potted fern hanging baskets can be seen hanging from the top of the porch. An American flag is flying from the second story balcony. A sign proclaiming the building as "Hatchet Hall" can be seen just below the flag. Another free-standing sign to the right of the sidewalk in f… more
Date: unknown
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Albert Peyton George and an unidentified man astride saddled mules]

Description: Photograph of Albert Peyton George and an unidentified man astride saddled mules. In this Sepiatone professional outdoors photograph, the two men are holding black umbrellas in their left hands and fans in their right hands. Both are wearing slacks, jackets, and hats. Man on right has a cigar in his mouth. A limb extends across the length of the (bottom) foreground. Trees in background. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate. The back of the photograph has a picture of a town with … more
Date: 1895
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

Scrivner Family photo album

Description: Brown velvet-cushioned photo album with pale yellow letters and designs containing studio portraits of members of the Scrivner, Vise and Gross families. Page 1: Will and Ella Gross with their two sons and daughter Page 2: First of Will Gross' sons. Page 3: Second of Will Gross' sons Page 4: Children of Henry Scrivner Page 5: Woman wearing a dress and holding a gun and a riding crop. Only identified as Belle. Page 6: Unidentified baby Page 7: Lewis Gross as a child Page 8: Neely Scriv… more
Date: 1890~
Partner: Private Collection of Charles R. Delphenis

Leatherwood Bluff, Eureka Springs, Ark.

Description: Color postcard depicting a railroad track running next to a river through a valley in Eureka Bluff, Arkansas. Autumn trees line the far bank of the river. The postcard is signed J.N. Bailey and is addressed to Miss Rosa Basano, Paris, Tex., c/o Audr ofs P&G RR Co. It is postmarked Eureka Springs, Ark. on July 26.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

Hot Springs, Ark.

Description: Color postcard with views of Hot Springs, Arkansas. One view shows Government Lake on Whittington Avenue and the other Central Avenue. A U.S. emblem with an eagle is on the card. On the back is a picture of the entrance to the U.S. Reservation Hot Springs, Ark. Under the picture is written, "Crystal Grotto, Hot Springs, Ark. Reservation Exhibit, U.S. Government Building, World's Fair, St. Louis". There is no correspondence on the card.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

[Army and Navy Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas]

Description: Black and white photo postcard picturing the Army and Navy Hospital grounds in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It shows the driveway leading to the hospital with a small park on the right. Printed on the card, "U.S. Reservation Mountain Drive entering Army and Navy Hospital Grounds, Hot Springs, Ark." It is addressed to Miss Rosa Bassano, Paris, Tex., P.O. Box 43. It is postmarked Texarkana, Ark-Tex on May 18, 1906.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Description: Color postcard picturing the Promenade along the Government Reservation in Hot Springs, Arkansas on the front. Pedestrians walk near a park with the Garland County court house in the background. On the back is a black and white picture of the Crystal Grotto, Hot Springs, Ark. Reservation Exhibit, U. S. Government Building, World's Fair, St, Louis.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Nail

Description: Staged photograph of Mr and Mrs. Dick Nail. The couple sits in a wooden buggy that is hitched to a dark bull. He wears a dark suit and hat and she wears a dark dress with a fur vest, gloves, and hat. A sign hangs from the buggy that reads, "Arkansaw Traveler." The buggy and bull are on top of a wooden walkway. Behind them is a log cabin with a sign above the door that reads, "Our Summer Home".
Date: unknown
Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum

[Two Children on a Pony]

Description: Photograph of two children on a black and white pony. The boy on the back holds a rifle and they both wear hats. A song is printed on the back about McLeod of Happy Hollow, the Wild West Photographer.
Date: unknown
Creator: McLeod of Happy Hollow
Partner: Heritage House Museum
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