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[Firefighters at the 3100 Block of Knox Street]

Description: Photograph of firefighters and their equipment in the sidewalk and street in front of George's Cafe and the Knox St. Barber Shop on the 3100 block of Knox Street. There are three ladders propped up against the front of the cafe, and debris lines the sidewalk in front of the stores. Behind the buildings is a billboard for Motorola, while other shop fronts and watching bystanders are visible in the background. There is a telephone pole in front of the cafe that extends out of shot. On the back of the photograph are handwritten notes and a stamp giving information about the photo.
Date: June 20, 1961
Creator: Laird, Joe
Location Info:
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum

[Land Deed from E. R. Boardman to G. E. Bushong, June 20, 1879]

Description: Land deed from Mr. and Mrs. Boardman to G. E. Bushong, J. L. Morehead, Z. T. Wall, Zebulong Jenkins, and J. E. M. Yates, acknowledging the sale of a piece of land for the sum of $75. The second paragraph outlines the perimeters of the land being sold, which is on the three acre lot "deeded to E. R. Boardman and S. A. Boardman by E. N. Hudgins and wife..." The statement on the second page says that the undersigned "This day personally appeared E. R. Boardman, S. A. Boardman" on their own free will.
Date: June 20, 1879
Creator: Woods, J. P.
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Postcard from Milton Andrew Matlock to his Mother, June 12, 1912]

Description: Postcard from Milton Andrew Matlock to his mother with a tinted photograph the South Wallfleet Marconi wireless towers in Massachusetts; this includes four large towers and a small building. The note on the back of the card asks his mother why she has not responded to his letters, as well as mentions that he sent her a box of photos of the U. S. S. Utah and crew.
Date: June 20, 1912
Creator: Matlock, Milton Andrew
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Newspaper Article Entitled "Haslet Improved Group Wins Second Place"]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article entitled: "Haslet Improvement Group Wins Second Place." This article describes the placements of different groups in Haslet in the community improvement contest: "Graves presented a plaque to the president in commemoration of our achievement of being second place winner in the district." The article on the reverse side is entitled "Watauga Acts to Seek Larger Line" and discusses the city's attempt to "install a larger trunk line as part of the city's water supply."
Date: June 20, 1968
Partner: Haslet Public Library

[Letter from Lieutenant Colonel William Smith to Dr. Joseph Pound, June 20, 1898]

Description: Letter from Lieutenant Colonel William Smith to Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Pound discussing the upcoming reunion for veteran soldiers. At the end of the letter Smith tells the doctor to "bring along that stovepipe hat and the Little Brown Jug of Wine for Our Annual Banquet."
Date: June 20, 1898
Creator: Smith, Lt. Col. William
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

[Postcard of a Fire at the Delaware Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas]

Description: Postcard of the burning of the Delaware Hotel. The town's fire department is trying to extinguish the flames, as seen by the hose leading from the wagons in the bottom right corner of the image. A large crowd is watching the event unfold from the left. Despite the image being black and white, the smoke has a slight red tint to it. The back of the photograph has a handwritten note from the sender that says, "[...] This is the nearest thing to a fire wagon here, so I sent it. [...]"
Date: June 20, 1908
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas