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Kaiser Wilhelm and His Guards in Potsdam

Description: Copy photograph of a black and white photograph depicting Kaiser Wilhelm II walking by a line of his guards in Potsdam, Germany. Visible on the left, he and his officers are dressed in full military uniforms which include jackets, pants, boots, and sashes. Kaiser Wilhelm II is the most decorated man in the group; various medals are strewn across his chest. A long line of guards stand at attention on his right, one of whom is H.J. Berndt, denoted by an arrow that has been penned in on the photograph's surface. They are all standing near a large building whose exterior is in the classical style. On the left hand corner of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "...on a visit by Kaiser Wilhelm II, in Potsdam, by Berlin, in 1892, by H.J. Berndt."
Date: 1892
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society


Description: Patent for an alteration to cylindrical reciprocating washing machines that first provides "a washing-machine of the type above described in which the drum or body portion of the machine is supported at a single point at its bottom and gives a partial revolving motion thereon; second, to provide said machine wit-h a suspended horizontally-arranged and vertically-reciprocated stirring device or twirl, and, third, to provide mechanism for automatically raising and lowering the stirring device and at the same time imparting a rotary motion thereto, and also to the drum, but in an opposite direction from that of the stirrer" (lines 16-28)
Date: November 8, 1892
Creator: Hacke, Karl Wilh.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department