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[Invoice for Jumbo Prunes, July 6, 1949]

Description: Invoice for Jumbo Prunes sold to Daniel W. Kempner by Vaca Valley Orchards for $4.45, marked paid on the 28th of May, 1949. The invoice states that this item was shipped as a replacement for a lost-in-transit item.
Date: July 6, 1949
Creator: Vaca Valley Orchards
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Invoice for Items from Kallman's Garden Nursery, October 1948]

Description: Invoice for items sold to Mr. D. W. Kempner by Kallman's Garden Nursery, including a Brunfelsia, 6 six-inch Pots Mother Ferns, 2 Crown of Bohemia Hibiscuses, 2 one-gallon Coprosma, 2 one-gallon Silver Trees, a one-gallon Luna Hibiscus, a one-gallon Afterglow Bougainvillea, a Straphsthus, a Cassia, 2 White Agapanthuses, 2 Blue Agapanthuses, a Clivia, a Bird of Paradise, and a Billbergia totaling $29.70. The invoice was marked paid.
Date: October 1948
Creator: Kallman's Garden Nursery
Partner: Rosenberg Library
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